Use this Simple Trick to Maximize Your Sleep

We sleep for about a third of our life, but how can we maximize our quality of sleep. There are tons of tips online from minimizing alcohol intake to using yellow tinted screens, to removing all technology from the bedroom. Experts tell us to get anywhere from 6-10 hrs a night, but for years there hasn’t been a proper way of tracking sleeping habits. Luckily for us, we live in the twenty-first century, and well there’s an App for it!

Sleep Better is the go-to app that does all the work for you. It keeps track of your sleep duration, monitors your dreams, and even gathers data from you during the day. The app isn’t dependent on Wi-Fi or data as it has the capability of working in airplane mode. The app collects all your data and visually presents it to you. Additionally, it comes equipped with its own variety of snooze and alarms options.

The more information you input into the app the more accurate the results. Users of the app have been known to input information about alcohol and caffeine intakes; two beverages that have been known to manipulate the quality of sleep. The app also allows users to keep track of their mood every morning and has an attached dream journal where users can record their dreams. The app helped users discover what factors caused them to receive less than perfect sleep and what adjustments to make. Start tracking your sleeping pattern today!