Visiting Your Family? Here’s Why You Should Stay At A Hotel

Despite what novelist Thomas Wolfe declared, you can go home again. Just for a visit. Going home is usually on special occasions or the holidays. A lot has probably changed since you moved out like your room being converted into a sewing nook. This is why you should consider staying at a hotel when you go home for a family visit. Do you need convincing? Consider these reasons:

You Don’t Want to Put Anyone Out

You know what it is like to have someone visit you at your home. All that cleaning, grocery shopping, and meal planning. It is exhausting. Even staying at your parents’ home where you grew up might cause upheaval in their schedules and lives. This doesn’t mean you won’t spend the bulk of your time at their place, but you don’t need to put them out or add extra stress. They’ll be happier for sure.

You Need Space

The longer you stay away from family, the more things change at home. That includes everything from television viewing habits to what is stocked in the fridge. There is also the much needed “decompression” time that you probably wouldn’t be able to find at a relative’s home. Having a hotel room means you can actually sleep in without being woken by family noise or a request to “fix something.”

You Want a Comfortable Bed

That bed you slept on as a teenager might not fit you any longer. The other options would be a fold out sofa or futon down in the basement or some other room that isn’t a bedroom. Why put your back at risk? A nearby hotel room is going to over a nice place to sleep and possibly even a mint on the pillow each night.

You Want Me Time

If you’re traveling with the grandkids, then having a hotel room means you can let the grandparents take the kids while you relax in peace and quiet. When was the last time you spent the afternoon at a pool without worrying about where your kids were or watching them dive a hundred times? You can even consider the hotel stay as an extended “date night.”

You Need to Work

Some trips back home are often working vacations that require no distractions and a good Wi-Fi connection. You might not find those at your parents’ home. This is especially true if your parents are “tech challenged” and not even sure if they have Wi-Fi.

The next time you go home, make it a relaxing time by checking into a hotel to relax and get pampered.