What Solo Cruise Vacationers Should Know

It would seem to the casual observer that cruise vacations are geared towards couples or families. While those “groups” to make up the bulk of passengers, there are plenty of solo cruise vacationers sharing the ship. Going on a solo vacation is a wonderful idea to recharge and reinvigorate. If you’re thinking about going on a solo cruise, then here’s what you should know:

People Are Going to Ask

Everyone is friendly and in a good mood on a cruise. Why not? It’s a cruise. That means you’ll be making all kinds of friends at least for the duration of the trip. Those new friends will want to know who you’re traveling with because unless you’re on a specific singles cruise it will be assumed that you’re traveling with someone. Again, nothing wrong with going solo. Just be prepared to answer the question!

There Will Be Singles Activities

The cruise lines know who their passengers are and they try to accommodate by making sure everyone is represented with some activities. That’s why you’re sure to find a bunch of “single mingle” daily activities. These are a great way to see who else is on board and unencumbered. You’re under no obligation to attend any of these events but it might be nice to meet up if only to have folks to share the occasional meals with.

You Might Be Alone at Dinner

At the ship’s main dining hall, there are assigned seats for dinner service. Obviously, folks who are grouped together will dine together. That might have you sitting alone at a table meant for four. Remember, just because you’re given a seat assignment doesn’t mean you have to show up for dinner. There will be plenty of other options available for your dining pleasure.

You Get the Cabin All to Yourself

One of the reasons you’re going on a solo cruise is to have some alone time. You’ll get to experience that in your cabin and that can be extremely satisfying.

You Can Walk on the Wild Side

It will be a safe bet that you’ll be on a ship with hundreds of other people who have no idea who you are. You can totally fly under the radar or go for a walk on the wild side. Take classes you would never consider. Sing karaoke. Volunteer to “come up on stage” to be a part of the act. It doesn’t matter what anyone will think because you’ll never see them again. In other words, have as much fun as you want and deserve!