Why a Winter Wedding Is a Great Idea

photo by Amanda Vick on Unsplash

How long have you been dreaming of your perfect wedding day? For many brides, that perfect wedding happens in the “wedding season,” which is typically from April to June. While a spring wedding can certainly be a memorable affair, you shouldn’t discount the other seasons; specifically winter. A winter wedding can be equally memorable and might even come off as a bit “magical.”

Consider these reasons why a winter wedding would be wonderful:

Better Vendor Deals

The wedding vendor business slows down in the winter. That doesn’t mean less quality it just means they aren’t as busy. Because of that you are in a strong negotiating position to ask for a good deal. Those vendors will be happy to pick up the business (any business!) even if it means offering more of a discount. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Along with better deals, you might also find better availability. That special venue or caterer that you have your eye on will be probably be available at the date of your choosing. That will help things fall into place.

No Wedding Exhaustion

During wedding season, you could find yourself going to a few ceremonies. If you share the same circle of friends and family, then you’ll be seeing a lot of familiar faces at all of those receptions. That can lead to “wedding exhaustion.” A winter wedding lets you stand out from the crowd. If you have that wedding after the holidays in January or February, then you can create a terrific time for everyone when their social calendars are empty.

No Worries About the Weather

An outdoor wedding is contingent on perfect weather. One passing rainstorm can ruin a lot. A winter weather won’t have those same worries. Your venue will have to be indoors so weather isn’t a factor. If it happens to snow around that venue, then you can duck out for some amazing photos and then hurry back inside for the warm reception.

Holiday Decorations

Depending when you schedule your winter wedding, you can take full advantage of holiday decorations at your venue. Those decorations will be going up regardless of your wedding and they will make a wonderful backdrop for your event. The holidays are also a good time because everyone is back home. Just be cautious about the date. As sweet as it might be to get married on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve you would be running into a lot of competition with other people’s commitments. A few weeks before or the days in between Christmas and New Year’s might be perfect.

No Sweat

Let’s get real: sweat is an issue for many a bride and groom. The heat and humidity of an outdoor summer wedding can trigger a torrent of sweat that can ruin make-up and stain gowns. You won’t be getting any of that in a winter wedding!