2 Foods that Still Taste Terrible Frozen

There are a bountiful of delicious frozen delicacies from ice-cream, gelato, mochi, to the ever so popular frozen banana stands. However, there are some foods that should never be placed in an environment of 0 degrees Celsius.


Vegemite is an Australian breakfast spread made from the leftover brewers’ yeast extract along with various vegetables and spices. Foreigners have popularized this spread because of it’s strong lasting flavor that doesn’t seem to leave your mouth. You can find a ton of videos and posts online of people challenging themselves to eat this spread right out of the jar. There is even an ongoing debate on whether Vegemite is better or worse than British Marmalade. These disgusting reactions might be the result of improper consumption as this spread is meant to be eaten in small amounts and only on toast and crackers.

To make this breakfast delight tastier, someone has taken it upon themselves to post a recipe for a frozen Vegemite popsicle. The recipe includes some ingredients that might mask the strong flavor of vegetables mixed with yeast. The additional ingredients mainly consist of sweeteners and dairy products. The popsicle itself looks like a chocolate pop where the chocolate is replaced with a whole lot of Vegemite. We at Zagline have not personally tried this concoction but we recommend you do and fill us in on whether this is a tasty treat or a gross frozen chunk.

Recipe Link


Ever wonder what it would be like eat a frozen pickle? No, well you seem to be in the majority! However, there is a small minority who have not only tried this experiment but have mass produced it. Bob’s Pickle Pops were developed to cater to this specific audience. However, you don’t have to go on a wild scavenger hunt to get these name brand delights. You can make your own frozen pickle treats at home! Buy a jar of pickles, stab them with sticks, and place them in your freezer. In a couple of hours, your tasty treats will be complete! For all you pickle lover out there, this may become your new favorite treat. Be sure to let us know the results!