3 of the Most Addictive Online Games

Who remembers the simple times, where the only online games you were able to play were minesweeper and pinball machine. Those days are long gone, and we now have an endless amount of gaming options. Zagline has composed a list of simple yet addictive games to satisfy all gaming levels. Fair warning we are not responsible for any gaming addictions that may result from reading this article.

Bow Man

A game with an objective as basic as its name. In the game, you’re an archer who is given the task of shooting an arrow to hit a target. Although the premise seems easy, the game is surprisingly challenging as you must calculate the correct angle and power of each attack. The game is free and can be played online here.


A catchy name with an addictive concept. Although this game lacks fancy graphics it’s incredibly fun to play. At a glance, it looks like nothing more than floating dots on a screen. However, with the click of a button, a chain reaction occurs. With each increasing level, the more dots you have the opportunity to pop. You’ll find yourself second guessing your initial dot choice and timing. This is not a game of chance, but rather a game of skill. The higher the level, the more addicted you’ll become. Click at your own risk.


This game will make you rage quit only to reopen the tab five minutes later. Spherez is an online version of Labyrinth, the wooden game where you tilt a board and attempt to guide a marble through a maze without falling into a series of holes. This online version of the game features a 3-D design and instead of nobs tilting the board, you use the air keys to guide the ball along a thin track. The levels are relatively short, but that doesn’t mean the game isn’t challenging. If anything, the creators predicted it would be so challenging that opted for shorter levels to balance out the degree of difficulty. Test your balancing skills here.