Be Your Own Boss – 6 Businesses You Can Start Under 6K

Have a billion dollar business idea? There’s often a misconception that starting a business requires a large investment of funds however, that’s not the case. Starting a business can be easy if you have direction, passion, and a pool of clients. The internet makes it easier now more than ever to obtain a dedicated following. With every online post, you reach an unprecedented amount of potential clients. It’s important to use every tool in your shed to promote and further your career. Take the plunge and start off this New Year with a new career.

1. Personal Fitness Trainer

You can be your own very own product and brand. You’ll need to get certified but once you do, you’ll be able to book appointments in residential homes, fitness studios, even places of business. Your specialty and target audience are up to you, as you can decide the type of training you’d like to specialize in.

2. Event Planner/Event Decorator

Do you have an artistic vision? Are you a natural born planner? Then, you might have just what it takes to become an event planner. The initial process might be rocky, but once you build up a portfolio of successful events you’ll be able to reel in clients easily. Moreover, social media is only here to help you. Sharing your successes online will only further promote your skills and reputation. There is even institution where you can become certified as an event planner which will add to your credibility.

3. Handyman/Handywoman

Know your way around a toolbox? Are you the go-to person, people call when they have a leaky faucet, or need work down around the house? Like the majority of these jobs, this occupation can prove to be incredibly profitable once you’ve populated a successful client list. Chances are people already know about your amazing problem-solving skills, so why not take the plunge and make this your career?

4. Trash Removal

Although this might seem a bit odd, a lot of Americans don’t own a car capable of moving large furniture and rubble. This service need is why truck rentals are so successful. There is a marketplace for trash removal that doesn’t require a heavy-duty truck and that where you come in. Many individual need rubble removed from their homes but don’t want to go through the trouble of renting a truck or don’t need the truck for more than an hour making truck rentals not worth their bucks. Small fast jobs can be down with a simple pickup truck and you can charge your customers by the hour.

5. Window Cleaning/Blind Cleaning

I think we’ve all seen a movie or two where someone is hanging outside of large skyscraper cleaning windows at an incredible height. Window blinds are also popularly used for covering windows in offices and residential homes. The cleaning process is little more complex than soap and water. To clean window blinds, you need ultrasounds equipment, because there’s no risk of damaging any of the operational parts of the blinds themselves.

6. Childcare Service

Want to work in the comfort of your very own home? Today’s economy often requires both parents to work full-time jobs resulting in no one left to care for their child. Although, you’ll have to invest time baby proofing the home, buying entertainment for the kids, and other small renovations. The whole processes will be worth it, as the return on investment will be quick and long-term. Once you gain clients, you’ll have a high return rate as young children crave consistency, therefore once enrolled they likely to stay for the months if not years.