3-D Printed Items You Didn’t Know You Needed

3-D Printing Has Made Tangled Earphones A Thing of The Past

Do your earphones always get tangled up? Do you ever wonder why companies don’t invent a carrying case, organizational attachment, or even a foldable earphone design? Don’t worry because others on the web sympathize with you and created an earphone carrying case via 3-D printing. This device will keep your earphones safely stored and away from any dangers that might cause them damage.

3-D Printing Will Revolutionize Toothpaste Tubes

Toothpaste tubes have been known to cause intense anger and outrage. People forget to screw the top back on, or worse the tube has been squeezed into an abnormal shape. You could say there are two types of toothpaste users, those who properly fold up the bottom of the tube and wild cards who squeeze at will. Why not control the look and ease of your toothpaste by 3-D printing a toothpaste squeezer? With a 3-D printer, you can customize the appearance and look of your gadget. This would also make a wonderful gift for anyone because everyone deserves to have minty fresh breath.

3-D Printing Will Solve All Your Coffee Needs

Coffee is truly amazing. It’s able to keep us warm, keep us awake, and even helps our metabolism. There just one thing coffee is missing and that’s a 3-D printed sleeve. Say goodbye to cardboard sleeves and start carrying around your own personalized coffee sleeve. Not only will this solidify your status as an elite coffee drinker, but it’ll help the environment as you’ll no longer be contributing to the piles and piles of coffee sleeve waste. But wait, 3-D printing coffee accessories don’t stop there! If you’re drinking your coffee at home and hate brown rings but hate tacky coaster even more than why not design your own? With a 3-D printer, you’re able to customize your own coasters and even make them have a pop-out design.

3-D Printing Solves the Problem of Tripping Over Your Shoes

Velcro made putting on your shoes quick and easy! However, they were never the most fashionable. Today, the shoe industry is dominated by laces and although they add a more aesthetic look, they come with their disadvantages. For example, there’s always the problem of tripping over your shoes, having your shoes come untied in the worse moments, and then having them become completely and utterly dirty. The solution to this problem is a 3-D printed shoelace system, you’ll be able to walk around with ease of mind.