These Bookshelves Will Blow Your Mind

Modern art has inspired a new age of furniture. Instead, of the typical square or rectangular design, try something more geometrically artistic. These shelves are not only aesthetically beautiful, but they are as practical if not more practical than their traditional counterparts. We’ve searched the web to find the most unique and contemporary bookshelves, and we’re ready to blow your perception of book storage.

The Deer-est Bookshelf

This design is as beautiful as it is useful. This structure not only serves as a home for your books but it doubles as décor. Fill an empty space on the wall, hang it over your fireplace, or even place it on the ground it’ll be sure to bring together the whole room. Not to mention this shelving unit is crafted entirely from solid oak making it durable and dependable for years to come.

The Most Adaptable Bookshelf

This bookshelf is called Kollen and was funded via Kickstarter. The shelving unit is comprised of individual wooden pieces which can be placed in different positions. This characteristic allows this shelving unit to hold bags, plants, and of course books. The physical design is sleek and has a wave-like appearance.  One of the great things about this product is that the developers are still working on creating better iterations of the product. They are currently working on a 2018 prototype proposal to further improve the shelving unit.

The Invisible Bookshelf

Is this a bookshelf or is this sorcery? Amazing your guest with this shelving unit which doesn’t appear to even exist. The “magic” of this shelf comes from the design. It is a single metal L shaped shelf which has a clamp under allowing you to secure the back of a hardcover book., giving the appearance of a floating book. You will have to stack enough books on top of the base to hide the remaining metal side.  Placing this in your living room will definitely be a conversation starter. People will be in awe and question how you managed to create floating books.

The Bookshelf That Doesn’t Look Physically Possible

This bookshelf doesn’t look like it obeys the laws of physics. This piece of furniture was given the name “equilibrium”, for obvious reasons. The shelf itself doesn’t look stable and you might even get anxiety from placing books on the unit, in fear of tipping it over. However, you can rest assured knowing that this unit is completely secure isn’t just some gimmick. Moreover, this bookshelf comes in an array of colors and finishes making it compatible with any living space.

The Bookshelf That Doesn’t Exist Yet

These works truly redefine what it means to be a bookshelf. In reality, they serve more as artwork that just happens to double as storage. If you’re a DIY type, these works can serve as inspiration for your own work. After all, these bookshelves all started out as ideas, before they were physically developed and mass produced.