You Won’t Believe What App This Ex-Tinder Employee Developed

Step aside LinkedIn, there’s a new player in the professional social media game. LinkedIn was first established in 2002, and since then has had little to no competition, that is until recently. Ex-Tinder employee Ryan Ogle, has co-founded and launched a new app called Ripple. This mobile-only platform is meant to be the Tinder for professional networking. Instead of swiping potential partners, you can now swipe through potential business partners.

What Inspired the Development of This App?

The idea of Ripple started in an internal Tinder hackathon. Ogle and his peers realized that they never interacted with neighboring startup offices. They wanted to create a platform that made connecting with professionals in the surrounding area easy. The founders hoped this would help like-minded people come together and further develop ideas. The app is meant to create a collaborative environment, where you might find “your perfect future co-founder”. In other words, you no longer need to rely on random luck for professional connections.

So, What Information is Made Available For Others?

The profile contains a photo of the individual along with their job history, education, mutual connections, and special skills. The app uses the information on your profile to suggest matches based on career interests. Moreover, the app will focus on connecting you to professions in the nearby area, making it easier for both parties to meet up in person to discuss any career goals.

You Can Tell This App Was Developed By The Ex-CTO of Tinder

The physical appearance of the app is similar to that of Tinder, which isn’t surprising since its founder used to work there. Ogle said the app was developed from all the information they learned from Tinder. One of the major features is the gamification of swiping. You guessed it, you swipe right to connect, or swipe left to reject. Sounds familiar right? And like Tinder, the new app will only allow people to communicate if both parties approve of the connection.

Making A Distinction Between Tinder and LinkedIn

Ogle wants to make a clear distinction between his app other similar platforms. Ripple is geared towards networking, as opposed to LinkedIn which is primarily used for job hunting. On Ripple, you’re able to create events where you can meet up with other liked minded professionals. The app also features Face Connection, which allows you to scan a picture of someone’s face, and the app will connect you to their Ripple profile. This seems like an easy way to add friends on the app or if you happen to converse with a stranger in a coffee shop, instead of swapping cards or numbers you can swap Ripple profiles instead. Ripple is the platform that puts users first, “We’re on a mission: to create a network worth having.”