3 Simple Ways To Be Smarter With Your Money

Money comes in. Money goes out. That is true of every business and of your wallet. The smart move is to hold onto as much of that money as possible. That’s not always easy with bills and expenses. However, there are some smart ways you can take to build up your finances. Here are 3 to put into action today:

Set A Smart Money Goal

It always helps to have your eyes on a prize. When it comes to personal finances, that goal could be paying off a major debt or saving to make a big purchase. Even if your goal is to put aside money for that trip to Europe that you’ve been dreaming of, then that’s a good thing. The way to achieve that goal is with all the savings you’ll be earning. Any time you spend less, take that actual money you’re saving and put it in a separate savings account. That counts for $4 you save by skipping on buying a coffee to the $50 you save on groceries. You’ll see that in time, you can reach your goal. What happens then? You set another goal!

Avoid “Envy” Purchases

We get into a lot of trouble with our money when we try to “keep up with Jones.” That’s where you see your neighbor with something cool so you have to run out and buy it, too. This also applies to seeing a friend with a great pair of shoes, a new car or an expensive watch. Here’s the big secret: You’re not in a competition with anyone. If your neighbor wants to spend their money, then let them have at it. You’ve got a bigger goal (see above). What will make you happier: Spending money you don’t have on something you don’t really need or saving that money for something you really want? Easy answer.

Learn More About Money

As you go about your web surfing, try catching a wave to a little financial news. Once day read something about money. It’s always in the news so that won’t be a problem! This doesn’t mean you have to go to business school to make sense of these articles, but you’ll be amazed at what you start picking up on and how it can apply to your own personal finances.

Are you being smart with your money?