6 Ways To Take The Stress Out Of Your Retirement Moving

The average amount of times someone moves over the course of a lifetime is 11. That might seem like a lot but when you add in moves back and forth from college and going living in a few apartments before finding a dream home, then it adds up. The last great move should be for your retirement. Hopefully, you’ve picked out a great spot to spend your golden years. Before you get there, you have to make the move and that can be a bit stressful. Here’s how to move for your retirement without the stress:

Tip #1: Start Packing Early

The time between making the decision to move and the actual move should be spent packing. Whether you have given notice or are closing on your home, you will probably have at least 30 days before you have to vacate your current premises. Every day after that should involve some level of packing. If you can pack two to three boxes a day, then you’ll be well ahead of the game on moving day. Obviously, you’ll want to leave your kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms for last. However, there are plenty of books, clothes and other keepsakes that can be packed up in those early days.

Tip #2: Load Up on The Supplies

Whatever amount of boxes you might think you’ll need for your move, you’ll need more. The same goes for the packing tape and bubble wrap. Wherever you’re buying your boxes from ask about returns for unused boxes. You might also want to check out bin rentals. Certain companies provided plastic bins instead of boxes that you can “borrow” for a small fee and then return. They could be cheaper than buying boxes and you won’t feel guilty about throwing those boxes away. Also, look on Craigslist for moving boxes. Someone who just went through a move might have a bunch to get rid of.

Tip #3: Label Everything

You best friend for moving will be a Sharpie. This is what you need to label every box. You don’t have to write out a detailed list on contains (unless you’re super organized and then go for it!). Instead, just designate where each box belongs. That will help your movers decided where to put things. If there are important items like coffee pot, TV cables or phone chargers, then make sure you include that on the outside of the box. 

Tip #4: Pack A Bed Box

On the day of the move, you probably won’t want to do a lot of unpacking. It will help if you have a designated bed box. This will be the box with your sheets, pillows, pajamas and anything else you need to get ready for bed.

Tip #5: Don’t Pack Your Computer

There are a few items that might be better left in your own hands as opposed to the movers. Hopefully, there won’t be any breakage but if you have a computer loaded with information, music and photos, then you’ll want to keep that protected. It would be better to carry that on your own. Before you unplug the computer, make a backup.

Tip #6: Ask for Help

You can’t move alone. Whether you get help for the packing or unpacking or both, don’t hesitate to reach out to friends and family members. Chances are you’ve pitched in and helped them with their last moves. Time for payback!

Moving into your retirement home can be very exciting. Moving without the stress is even better.