An Organized Fridge Can Lead To Diet Success

Along with your Smartphone you can also get a “smart” fridge. This high-tech appliance can keep a running grocery list inventory and regulate temperatures. It can even broadcast TV and remind you of your schedule. Very smart. But as with any type of tech, it is what is “put in” that makes something smart. A home’s refrigerator is the frontline for diet success and the best way to achieve that success is to organize your fridge accordingly. Here’s how to get it done:

Set Up the Right Snack

Greek yogurt is a terrific diet snack that is chock full of protein and other goodies. That yogurt can be elevated with some nuts (also good) and veggies. The smart move is to pre-cut those veggies and drop them into snack bags along with the nuts. Then tape the bags to the yogurt and make it the first thing you see when you open the fridge. Grab and go. Perfect.

Leaving the Water Out

Many folks like to chill their bottled water. Fair enough. Except every time you go into grab a bottle, you could be tempted by the treats you shouldn’t be eating. This rule probably applies to a living situation where you’re sharing the fridge with family or roommates. Keep the water out of the fridge and away from your wandering eyes.

Ask the Right Question

Two questions to ask before you open the fridge should be “Are you really hungry?” and “When is the next time you’re supposed to eat?” In other words, the question, “What’s in the fridge?” should be eliminated. By stopping yourself before you open the icebox, you might be able to recognize that eating has become a mindless habit. Time to break the cycle.

Good Stuff on the Middle Shelf

Ever wonder why all the sugary cereals are on the bottom shelf at the grocery store? That is where the young ones can reach. Those shelf stockers are no dummy. You can take the reverse approach with your refrigerator. Put all the good stuff on the middle shelf. This is where your eye will first fall when you open the door. If that first glance is all about fruits and veggies, then you stand a better chance of snacking on those things.

Hide the Treats

Okay, this might be a little sneaky but if you have something sweet in your fridge, you need to hide it in an opaque bowl or wrap it in foil. Again, we’re dealing with impulse control. If you don’t see it right away, then the impulse will be to avoid it.

It also helps to do prep work. Make having clean fruit and a salad easy by prepping those things before they go into the refrigerator. What kind of shape is your refrigerator in?