5 Amazing Kitchen Remodeling Trends

How long have you been cooking in the same space? Are you a bit bored by your surroundings? Have you had enough of the same old cabinets? Perhaps you’re in the mood for a kitchen remodel. Before you find the perfect contractor, you need to get inspired. Here are five amazing kitchen remodeling trends that can transform the way you do cooking.

Built In Coffee Center

How many times have you stumbled into your kitchen early in the morning and thought, “I wish this was Starbucks.” Well, now you can add a mini Starbucks coffee station right in your kitchen. This isn’t just a fancy coffee pot but a built in coffee center that takes up about as much space as your over-the-stove microwave. Once installed, you’re only a few button pushes away from a fresh steaming cup of espresso or cappuccino or regular java.

Quartz Countertops

A quartz countertop is probably the strongest material you can get for this space. It’s great for resisting scratches, burns and chips. Plus, there is a wide range of colors and designs you can pick from. Best of all, you don’t have to seal this countertop as you would with granite. Chances are there were places in your neck of the woods that sell the slabs. You pick your color preference and they cut it to order. It’s like having your personal countertop that nobody else will have.

LED Lights

You can run strips of LED lights under cabinets and along the baseboards. They’ll give you the soft glow you need to find your way around late at night without blasting on the big lights.

Point Of Use Fridge

You know how in every college dorm, there is a mini-fridge just for the basics? There are many kitchen designers who are incorporating a mini-fridge as part of the cabinetry. Think of this as a refrigerator annex. It’s a perfect spot for the most frequently sought after items like milk, juice and soda. Plus, it’s at the perfect level for the kids to help themselves and you get to control what goes in the fridge. Win/win all around.

Touch Faucets

A touch-activated facet means you can hit the spigot with your finger, elbow or nose and get the water flowing. This makes a lot of sense when you’ve got goopy hands and don’t want to mess up the faucet. Way more sanitary.

Finally, a little color wouldn’t hurt. Whether you stick with the monochrome or go into the rainbow pallet, you’re sure to transform your kitchen. Are you thinking about giving your kitchen a makeover?