5 Smart Tricks For Boosting Your eBay Business

As we grow older, it may be ideal to have what the kids call a ‘side-hustle.’  A way of making some extra money but also a fun and rewarding hobby.

That’s why we suggest opening up your own eBay Business.

When Amazon first opened for business it was strictly selling books. Now, it literally sells everything. The same can be said about eBay. When it first started auctions, it was primarily for collectibles. Today, eBay offers “direct buy” options on clothing, electronics and even cars. Anyone can sell on eBay. That could be a single sale of something you found in your attic or it can become your own virtual online shop. For its commission, eBay makes it easy to post and collect your money. How successful your eBay business will become depends on how proactive you are. Here are some smart tricks you can use to boost your eBay business:

Add Something New Each Day

eBay is a 24/7 kind of operation. As such, you can post a listing at any time. However, it is advisable to post as least one new thing every day. A lot of that has to do with how the eBay algorithm works. Listing a different item on a daily basis shows eBay you’re an “active” seller and that helps place you more prominently on their search options.

Read Buyers’ Profiles

Another benefit of selling on eBay is that the buyers are given rankings as much as the sellers. This is important, especially with more expensive items. There have been some fraudsters out there who will make a claim that they never received a shipment or got a wrong item. Any time you send something at least $500 or more, you should take a quick video of you packing up the item and shipping it. That can help late on if there is a chargeback dispute.

Upload Quality Product Photos

No one expects you to hire a professional photographer to shoot pictures of the sneakers you are selling. But it will help if you take the time to shoot a picture that is well lighted and in focus. Show that item from all angles. You want to make a good impression on a prospective buyer.

Search Similar Products

There is competition on eBay just as there is anywhere else and sometimes that competition can get fierce. If it seems like you’re not selling an item, then look for similar items to make sure you’re not pricing yourself out of a sale. You might also find that you could undercut your competitor but still maintain a profit. It helps to pay attention to the competition.

Offer Free 30-Day Returns

It helps if your eBay store can achieve “Top Rated Seller” status. That can happen by providing exceptional customer service. A free 30-day return policy is one of those features that is very popular on eBay. Of course, you can modify that return policy if the item comes back in a condition that is different than what you sent out. You’ll find that for the most part, your customers will be satisfied. If not, then you can always re-sell the item.