Crazy Airbnb Rentals From Around The World

Airbnb has changed the way people travel. No longer are hotels the only game in play for an overnight stay. Now every city and corner of the world offers Airbnb rentals. Most of the rentals are what you would expect. They are vacation homes or condos that aren’t currently occupied. Some folks rent out a guest house or spare room on their property. Then there are some Airbnb posters who are determined to offer a unique rental experience.

Here are some of the craziest Airbnb rentals from around the world:

A Snow Igloo

If you grew up with snowfall, then you’ve probably built walls of snow along with the occasional snowman. Did you ever build a full igloo? At the Lucky Ranch in Finland, you can rent an authentic ice-cold igloo. For $88 a night, you can surround yourself in frozen wonder while you doze on a double bed with two sleeping bags. If the cold gets too much, then there is an apartment standing by.

Adobe with Tesla

If you ever find yourself traveling to Missouri City, Texas, then you might opt for a little “rich and famous” treatment. There is a 4,200 square-foot adobe home for rent with a hefty $6,500 a night price. That price will get you four bedrooms, four bathrooms, two telescopes and a trampoline. As for the Tesla, you can use that, too, but it will cost you extra.

Airplane House

In Phoenix, a 1964 Piper Cherokee airplane has been parked in a backyard and converted into a living space. How big of a living space? It holds one bed and if you’re tall, then you might not be able to stand up in the craft. Still, it is an airplane house.

Mud Hut

A Portland, Oregon resident built a mud hut in their backyard. You’ll stay warm by burning wood in a stove and read by candlelight. There is no electricity. As an added feature the homeowners brew their own beer and are happy to share.

Kiva 429

Are you looking for a ski lodge for your next vacation? This might be the spot. It is a two-bedroom plus loft on the slopes of the Beaver Creek Resort. It promotes itself as “ski-in, ski-out.” Apparently, that means you just have to put on the skis outside the front door and you’re good to go. No word on a ski lift return. BTW, the price is a mere $10,000 a night.

Wilton Castle

This is your chance you act out all your “Game of Thrones” fantasies. It is an actual 19th century castle build along the Boro River in Ireland. It has seven bedrooms and rents for $1,100. Sadly, there is no moat.

Wherever you go – just know it is truly an experience!