5 Things to Do Before Taking That Big Vacation

If you are like a lot of people, then perhaps you feel a lot of anxiety before you head out on your long overdue vacation.

You think that you have forgotten your toothbrush or your phone charger or maybe your camera. You check your bag 10 times for your tickets and passport; the anxiety is real.

People who travel often can relate to this completely. However, here are the top 5 things to do before your big vacation so that you can save yourself from the last-minute panic attacks.

Let’s dig into the top 5 things to do before a big holiday!

Start Packing at Least a Week Before

If you pack everything at the last moment or just a day before you have to leave; you are probably going to miss out on a lot of great outfits and other important things. Start packing at least a week before. It is always amazing if you can make a list of things that you have to take along and tick them off as you keep settling everything in. also, don’t wait for the last moment to put in all your good outfits. You can survive on random baggy jeans and shirts for a week; so throw all the wonderful outfits in the bag, beforehand. You don’t want to miss out your favorite jeans just because you wore it yesterday and you can’t do laundry at the last moment. Make sure it is in the bag!

Have Some ‘Local’ Currency on Hand

Big vacations may take you to far off exotic lands. The moment you land at the airport, you will need the currency of your destination in hand. Most places will take dollars, but it may be good to have some of the ‘local’ currency on hand for when you first arrive.  For major purchases your credit card will usually give you the best exchange rate.  But before taking off, it is best to contact your credit card company to let them know where you are traveling so they don’t block your card from use.

Look Your Best

Beauty prep is so important for all the men and ladies out there because obviously, you want to look your best for your vacation photos! Apart from your makeup essentials, its good to carry some suntan lotion to protect you from the rays and even some mosquito repellent! Men and ladies – don’t forget to throw that razor in too. Also, get a manicure and pedicure if you can. You will feel so refreshed.

Utilize Your Carry-On Bag

Hand luggage is very important if you have a long flight and you have to stop in between for an hour or two. You need to make sure that you have all the essentialities with you and things that you might need accidentally too. Keep an eye mask, a notebook (if you write), your iPad, sanitary stuff and a pair of good socks in your hand luggage. Anything that you might need access to, if you are bored, is great to have in your hand luggage. 

The Important Yet Overlooked Stuff

This might sound boring but you need to book your travel insurance if you are travelling outside your country. Also, hand over your house keys to someone who is extremely trustworthy for you. It can be your parents or an aunt or your best friend. Tell them to check in your house every other day to see if everything is okay and confirm that no one has tried to rob you. This might sound horrifying but a closed home for too long can welcome incidents so doing this is important. If you are on any medication, make sure that all of your prescribed medicines are in your bag and you are good to leave.

You’re Now Good to Go!

Travelling is fun and it is soothing for the soul and mind. It is very crucial to pay attention to everything that you need in order to have a fun filled holiday. Preparing for a huge vacation can kick in a lot of anxiety but if you make a proper to-do list and hang it on your room’s wall, you are likely to handle everything in a much efficient manner. Never underestimate the power of proper list which has everything that you need to do, on it. Also, don’t overlook the travelling insurance as it is very crucial.

Head out now as you are all good to go and have loads of fun, exploring a new world that is waiting to unfold itself to you! Say hello to the adventures without any worries.