5 Tips to Getting a Better Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep is all you need to make you feel fresh, productive and efficient for the day ahead. A 7-8-hour sleep is a basic necessity for every person, and if you have been neglecting your sleep, you might notice the laziness in your daily routine.

There is certainly nothing worse than a bad night sleep or waking up every half hour during the night. It effects your body cycle and the efficiency too and you wake up feeling super lousy.

Lack of sleep can make you feel stressful and you can even get anxiety due to improper sleeping pattern.

Therefore, here are some quick tips for a good night sleep which will help you in enhancing your sleeping patterns and getting that perfect 7-8-hour sleep per night to wake up fresh and efficient for the next day.

The Top 5 Tips for a Good Night of Slumbering Sleep

Looking for a good night sleep? Try these simple 5 tips and you will get the perfectly long, good night sleep that you have been craving for a long time.

  • A Good Mattress is the Key:

A mattress that is too old and has worn out will make it horrible for you to sleep peacefully on it. Your body will ache badly in the morning and it will seem as if you never slept all night. There are different types of mattresses accessible in the market. If you have a backache issue then you can have the perfect mattress fir yourself which supports your back in the right manner. I mean, there is a mattress for each body type, thus invest in the right one. Also, don’t ever go for cheap mattresses as they will wear out sooner than you think and they won’t ever be comfortable to sleep on, in the first place.

  • Essential Oils are the Savior:

There are a lot of essential oils which promises better and deep sleep. Diffusing those in your room’s air can ensure a good night sleep for sure. There are various kinds of oil diffusers in the market and you can get one for yourself so that only a minimal amount is diffused in the atmosphere. Also, you need to keep in mind that you don’t diffuse a lot of it as a strong scent of essential oils is also not good; balance is required. Search for the best essential oils which help in delivering better sleep and try them out; you will certainly feel the difference.


  • Say BYE to your Phone:

A lot of people use their phone till the last moment, until they want to close their eyes. This is not good and it will ruin your sleeping pattern. Majority of us do this these days and it is not what must be done. Your mind keeps working till the last moment and even when you close your eyes; you don’t feel like sleep is coming to you. It is best that you put your smartphone aside and close your television at least an hour before you plan to sleep. Take a shower and then get in bed and maybe read a book or just lie down. You will see that sleep will come more gradually and in a much better way. 

  • Don’t Stare at the Clock:

If you plan to start sleeping at 9 whereas your actual sleeping time is 10; you will feel a panic rush within your body. You will look at the clock and suddenly it’s even past 11 and you are still up. This is because you FOCUS a lot on falling asleep. The more you focus on “I should be sleeping”, the harder it gets to actually fall asleep on time. The panic and anxiety makes it impossible to fall asleep and the fear that you are only going to get 7 hour of sleep now, will only make it 6 or even 5. You need to relax; a new sleeping pattern takes time to settle so don’t rush your brain into it.

  • End the Day with a Bath:

Majority of people do this and it is incredible. Showering at night relaxes the body and makes you feel a little sleepier too. You can let the air dry your wet hair at night because you don’t have to head out anywhere. You can also add a drop or two of an essential oil in it which relaxes your nerves and is good for waving a bye to your anxiety attacks. Therefore, before you climb into the bed, relax your mind and free it from all stress through a bath. 

And the Verdict Is…

With this, we have the easiest 5 tips for a good night sleep. All you need is to give yourself some time and allow your body to adapt to the change. Start bringing your sleeping time 20 or 30 minutes backwards and you will feel that you are making it happen gradually. Also, allow yourself to set yourself free from social media and television etc. before you climb into bed. Avoid looking up at your phone till the last minute as it makes you brain race and it makes it impossible to fall asleep.

Sleeping well is very important for a good and healthy lifestyle. Health is wealth guys and to make good changes, you need to start with your sleep. If your mind and body feel fresh, you’ll have a better outlook on life!