6 Shockingly Risky Foods

Unfortunately, unhealthy foods aren’t the only foods that need to be avoided… Even, common foods that many people wouldn’t give a second thought about eating can cause you to get extremely sick or even cause death if they are not prepared correctly and consumed properly. Even with excessive cleaning and hygiene in the kitchen may not prevent you from the risks of some foods. Luckily, food poisoning is not that common when you take into consideration how much food is eaten every day, but still, eat these 6 foods at your own risk!

Tuna – High Level of Mercury


Tuna is one of the most popular fish, but that doesn’t mean it comes without its risks. In 2004, the US government warned pregnant women and young kids about eating the white variety of tuna because of high mercury levels that could impact the developing nervous system. There’s also the risk of Scombroid, a type of food poisoning that is created if you don’t refrigerate tuna properly.