6 Super Awesome Things To Do Before Summer Is Over

At the end of every season, do you often find yourself saying, “How did it get to be (insert new season) so fast?” If you consider summer as beginning on Memorial Day Weekend and ending on Labor Day Weekend, then you really only have three good months of what can be consider summer fun. Hopefully, you can squeeze in an official vacation in those three months. At the very least, you should try to do at least one, if not all, of these six super awesome ideas:

Go For a Picnic

It doesn’t matter where you live, there is a picnic spot waiting for you. That could be in a park, on the beach or by a lake. Just make it happen. If you can find an outdoor park that is holding a free concert, then all the better. You want to make this picnic count!

Eat Some Really Bad Fried Food

Summer is the time for country festivals. That means a lot of food will be deep-fried and put on a stick. We all know a deep-fried Twinkie or deep-fried Big Mac (yes, that’s a thing) is probably the worst thing you can ever put into your body. Well, it’s the summer and if you’ve been good all year, then you deserve a deep-fried treat. Of course, you could take one bite of a deep fried something and be thoroughly disgusted. That can break the craving. Win/win!

Go To the Movies

There have been plenty of blockbusters to hit the cinema screens this summer. How many did you catch and how many did you miss? You’ll probably still find a bunch of them unspooling at your local Cineplex. Take a day off from work and go to the movies. When you’re done with that first feature, turn around and buy a ticket to another one. Make it a double-feature day. You’ll feel good about spending the day at the movies especially if there is a heat wave happening outside!

Go Be a Tourist

Every city has something special that pulls in all the tourists. You’ve probably avoided that thing because of all the tourists. Well, before summer is over, you should become a tourist for the day and go see that thing. Whether it’s a statue, a zoo or a museum you’ll finally be able to proudly proclaim, “Been there, done that.” Bonus points for posting on Facebook.

Go Off The Grid For 48 Hours

Pick two days and unplug all your devices. Log off from the computer and don’t check in with any posts, tweets or pins. Just let it go. You won’t miss much that you can’t check up on once you sign back on. Think of all you can accomplish!

Fall in Love

Yes, summer is a great time for falling in love. If you haven’t already, then there is still plenty of time. Make that coffee date with the person you’ve been chatting with online. Go to a nightclub and talk to new people. Ask your friends for a fix up. You never know what the summer might have in store for you!