Best Ideas For Summer Jobs For Teens

Could this be the summer your teenager gets their first real job? If they’ve been the industrious type, then perhaps they’ve already been doing jobs around the neighborhood like mowing lawns or shoveling snow. Those first jobs can certainly get them ready for the big summer job. This is where they might actually have a boss, punch a time clock and even have a performance review. So, where can your teen go to work? As it happens, there are a lot of wonderful options:


If there is a community pool, country club or lake club, then chances are that place will need a lifeguard. This is a job that will require a bit more training than a typical summer gig but it’s the kind of training that will stick with a teen for years to come. After all, how many of us know how to save a life with CPR?

Camp Counselor

Working as a camp counselor is perfect for any teen who actually went to the camp. They know the ropes and they know what is expected of a counselor. Now they get to be in charge and get paid. This is a wonderful environment to enhance your teen’s leadership skills. Plus, you get a chance to make a new batch of all those wonderful camp memories for another summer.

Retail Sales

Are they hiring down at the mall? Scoring a job in retail is probably a bit more fun than working in the food court. The potential employee discount won’t hurt either. This is also a good place to develop customer service skills. No matter what type of career they will eventually end up, they will have to have good customer service skills. A job in retail also looks good on a resume.


A teen that has consistently scores good grades could put those skills to work as a tutor. There will be plenty of younger students who are stuck in summer school or looking to get a leg up for the coming semester. They would probably appreciate being tutored by a peer as opposed to a grownup. There are many tutoring services where your teen could find gainful employment for the summer.


Although an internship might not have great financial rewards (if any) it can certainly help prepare a teen for a chosen career path. If your kid knows what they want to be, then landing an internship for that chosen profession will be a great boost. It could also provide a leg up on employment opportunities when they eventually graduate from college.


Summer means schools out for a lot of kids. Those could also be kids that need supervision during the day if the parents are both at work. Being a summer nanny is perfect for someone who has already worked as a babysitter. They know the drill.

Whatever summer job your teen tackles, they’re still going to need your support. Just make sure you don’t end up doing their job like you did their homework!