6 Times Food Went Viral After Incorporating Cheetos

Hot Cheetos can and have been fused with all kinds of food. They have been found on top of corn on the cob, pizzas, ice cream, the list goes on. Why not incorporate Cheetos in every meal? You’re guaranteed to have successful online promotions.

Flamin’ Hot Flavored Popcorn

Yes, Hot Cheetos have made it to the box office. You can get this cheesy flavored treat nationwide. Starting December 15th, you can order and enjoy the Cheeto flavored popcorn at any participating Regal Cinemas. You’ll be pleased to know that Hot Cheetos will be mixed in with popcorn and additional Cheeto dust will be placed on top. Be sure to try this tasty treat before it’s gone from theaters. Regal Cinemas have called this collaboration “a gift to Regal fans”.

Flamin’ Hot Stuffed Donut

This might sound like an odd duo, but chips fanatics seem to be loving this mashup. This odd texture combination surprisingly works. The steps are simple, cut open an original glazed donut or perhaps a chocolate sprinkled delight and stick in a couple hot Cheetos. Just like that, you’ve just created a sweet and spicy donut sandwich.

Flamin’ Hot Cream Cheese Bagel

Not a fan of donuts, are bagels more your thing? Don’t worry there’s plenty Hot Cheetos to go around. For breakfast why not try a Hot Cheeto crusted, or maybe a Hot Cheeto infused bagel? Spicy bagels are nothing new, as the jalapeno flavor has been a crowd favorite for years. If spicy food is your jam than give this fusion bagel a try!

Flamin’ Hot Avocados

Avocados are no strangers to odd pairings from avocado pudding to avocado smoothies, everyone seems to love incorporating this healthy green fat into their meals. Why not spice up your avocado with Hot Cheetos? This combination might sound gross, but people online really seem to enjoy it.

Flamin’ Hot Sushi Roll

Forget seaweed crusted sushi and wrap your rolls around Hot Cheeto dust instead. This fusion of flavors is available in many Japanese restaurants as a novelty dish. A quick google search and you’ll be sure to find a location nearby that serves this unique dish. You can even make this dish at home, just crush up some Cheetos and place them on top or around your sushi roll.

Flamin’ Hot Rice Krispies

Are you a fan of sweet and salty desserts? Then this treat might be right up your alley. Try mixing in Hot Cheeto dust with melted marshmallow the next time you’re making Rice Krispies Treats.