5 Must See Travel Destinations This Holiday Season

Thinking about traveling this holiday season? Zagline has composed a list of beautiful locations which contain breathtaking scenery and snowy climates. Consider one of these destinations for your holiday travels. Whether you’re looking for a quiet holiday getaway with the family or a winter adventure with friends these places have you covered.

The Windy City of Chicago

The Windy City of Chicago is transformed into a winter wonderland during the holidays. The wind will have your scarf blowing in the air while you enjoy your hot chocolate.  Once indoors, you won’t want to leave the comfort of the fireplace however, you’ll leave your cozy abode to check out the trees alongside North Michigan Avenue. Not satisfied with a million twinkling lights? Need something that screams Christmas? In the center of Daley Plaza, there is giant Christmas tree complete with twinkling lights so bright they light up the surrounding area. Plus, during the holidays there’s a popular Christmas market along the Magnificent Mile, called Christkindmarkt that specializes in holiday crafts, and German cuisine. This is the perfect location to spend the entire day shopping, eating, and simply exploring the city.

No Need to Travel all the Way to Iceland to See the Northern Lights

Why settle for Christmas lights when you take a quick trip to Alaska and see the Northern Lights. Also known as Aurora Borealis, these lights are caused by solar winds generated from the Sun’s sunspots. It takes 40 hours for these winds to reach the Earth’s surface and when they do, they create a beautiful array of colors. Witnessing these lights is a truly magical experience, although the cold will take some getting used to, the beautiful arrays of yellow, green, and even purple will make the trip worthwhile. Although colder than other locations, Alaska has beautiful scenery and wildlife. While you’re there, you can even try your hand at ice fishing, enter an igloo, and make snow angels. So, what makes this location a holiday destination besides the cold weather? The North Pole is home to Santa Claus House, where since 1952 children have mailed their Christmas wishes. Even more magical, the Santa Claus House writes letters back. Instead of mailing a letter this year, you can personally hand deliver your wishes to Santa Claus.  This is the perfect holiday location for the whole family.

Visit Medieval Market Squares in Germany

Want to go abroad this holiday season? Look no further than Germany. They have everything you desire from white snow, medieval market squares, breathe taking cathedrals, and labyrinthine old quarters. There is a lot to enjoy including the culture, food, and landscape. Moreover, during the holidays there are a diverse amount of Christmas markets along the Rhine. Worried about the lack of holiday Christmas lights? Don’t be! The town is crawling with thousands upon thousands of Christmas lights. Picture yourself walking around the city and suddenly get a whiff of gingerbread, you unconsciously walk into a bakery. While you enjoy your baked goods you pass glassblowers and are in complete awe of their skill. Cold? Stop by a local bar for mulled wine, not your thing? Go to a local pub for a glass of German beer. Want to live inside of a Christmas song, grab a few local chestnuts and roast them in the fire. “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire”, will never be more relatable. You’ll find yourself not wanting to leave this European winter wonderland.

Amsterdam the Land of Pepernoot

This holiday season go Dutch! Experience winter Amsterdam style, by attending their famous holiday parades. Need something to snack on while you watch these festivities? Stuff your mouth with pepernoot, a famous Belgian cookie. In holiday tradition, children leave out pepernoot for Sinterklaas (their version of Santa Claus). This is the perfect getaway for anyone who wants to get the full Christmas experience. The holiday lasts all month long, Christmas is separated into two distinct days in Amsterdam. The first being December 5th and the second December 25th. The first date is when Sinterklaas brings gifts for all of the children, while the ladder is reserved as a time for family. What will occupy your time between these two dates, there are tons of food festivals and the town itself is rich in history.  As far as, décor the town is filled with sparkling lights which you can enjoy while you walk along their famous canals. If you’re lucky the canals might be frozen over making it even more of a storybook Christmas.

Hit the Slopes in Park City Utah

Want to hit the slopes this winter, while still being able to experience everything the holidays have to offer. Utah has you covered, this city looks like a painting during the holidays. The festivities start early, during late November locals participate in the Electric Parade. It involves locals lighting up their motor vehicles of choice and blasting holiday music while they march down the snowy roads. Moreover, the city contains more than 100 unique shops and boutiques, art galleries and specialty stores which line up the Historic Main Street. You can look forward to Christmas Eve, where Saint Nick spends the day skiing the slopes and carries a torchlight parade down PayDay Trail. This is a sight you don’t want to miss. Have a sweet tooth or perhaps you’re an architecture fanatic? The city contains a 13 feet tall homemade gingerbread house. It is composed of over 11,00 gingerbread cookies. This might be the biggest and most delicious holiday home.