This Electric Car Can Power Your Home

Electrical cars are often marketed towards being an environmental benefit, however, they offer so much more than that! Although electric vehicles do lower our carbon footprint, they can also be of great help during a natural disaster. For example, after a tsunami in Japan the car company Mitsubishi Motors sought to provide electricity to the people through one of their car models (i-MiEV). The amount of energy stored in the cars was even enough to power some homes. This can help lower your electrical bills because your car will continuously charge the battery with any excess energy it contains while running.

Rely On Your Electric Car During Your Next Power Outage

Our homes are intertwined with an electric grid. The source of our electrical power is composed of generating stations who produce a high voltage transmission line that carries power from specific locations and are redistributed to lines that reach individual customers. These locations of these stations are often away from heavy populations due to the dangers that could arise from a large electrical current. Therefore, when there is a large power outage the solution to the problem could be in another state depending on who owns the distribution station near your home. Instead of relying on electric companies during your time of need, rely on your car!

Sell Your Excess Electricity

Well, did you know that major power outages are attributed to problems relating to the transmission of volatile power to load centers?  It’s costly for suppliers to fix and maintain their infrastructure. Therefore, they are more than willing to purchase energy from consumers, especially those near large populations where demand is higher. These electric cars can help regulate fluctuations caused by disparities in electric generation and demand.  Need some extra cash? Sell your extra power back to the grid. Many people who own solar panels are already doing this, and they receive monthly checks from electrical companies for excess energy sent to the grid.

Electric Cards Can Monitor The Power Quality In Your Home

Electrical cars have more benefits than you think. They can monitor the power quality in the home, and discharge electricity to prevent disturbances to the flow of energy. This is relevant because poor power quality will result in service interruptions. If you’ve ever suffered from power outages, fret not, your car can serve as a power source. In conclusion, electric cars won’t just save the environment, they can also save your home.