This is the Perfect Vacuum for Star Wars Fanatics

A fan of Star Wars and clean floors? This might be the perfect vacuum for you. From a galaxy not so far away, comes the Samsung cleaning device that is ready to take over all your vacuuming needs. What better way to pledge your loyalty to the rebellion than by enlisting a Stormtrooper or Darth Vader to clean your home while you’re away. This award-winning (CES Innovation Award) robot has received an incredible amount of praise for its powerful suction capacity and sleek design. For Star Wars enthusiasts this limited-edition purchase will be a no-brainer.

They Come Equipped With Their Own Sound Effects

The designs themselves are extremely intricate, each vacuum has a unique finish and polish. Just by looking at these designs you’ll be able to see the number of hours and research that went into their development. Each bot also features sound effects so while they clean your home, they’ll sound like their fighting evil or rather causing the evil.

It’s Compatible With Any Device

You have a handful of options to control your vacuum. From the standard WiFi connectivity to a remote control, to Google Assistant, to Amazon Alexa, this device is compatible with all. You can even trick your friends into thinking you possess the force by acting as though you’re controlling the vacuum with your hand or brain.

This Vacuum Navigates Away From Any Obstacles

Everyone knows that in Star Wars universe having fantastic piloting skills can save not only your life, but the entire galaxy. The POWERbot, comes equipped with mapping technology which allows it to scan an entire room and plan the most efficient and practical path of travel. Worried about you cleaning aircraft hitting asteroids along its path, or rather furniture in this case? Fret not, the robot comes equipped with FullViewSensors making it able to smoothly navigate obstacles. This skill is called “space recognition” and although in this context space refers to an area, it can also serve as a fun play on words if took it to mean outer space.

It’s Smart Enough To Know When It Need To Be Charged

When the robot is sensing low battery, it’ll be able to track its docking station and plug itself in. Yes, Darth Vader or your Stormtrooper are smart enough to make sure they never die. Creepy, Terrifying, and Brilliant.

Able To Get Those Pesky Corners

Edges are a challenge for any cleaning product from brooms, to traditional vacuums, to even mops. Why hasn’t anyone created a cleaning device in the shape of a corner? Why don’t we just live in circular homes? All great questions but none that need actual answers. These smart bots feature a drop-down blade which captures all the dusk trapped in the corner and alongside the edge of a wall. Start this New Year with clean edges and corners. Be rest assured that your home will be spotless while you leave to work.