7 Classic Coworker Types. Who Do You Work With?

When the hit sitcom The Office premiered, folks around the country began recognizing those characters in the cubicles next door. It seems like every office has a Dwight, a Michael and a Kevin. It turns out those coworker archetypes have been around as long as there have been offices. You might recognize some of your coworkers in the following classic office archetypes:

1. The Sharer

This is not someone who will lend you a pen or stapler. Instead, The Sharer is that person who offers up way too much information about their lives. Usually, this starts with you asking innocently, “How was your weekend?” That is followed by a diatribe involving all manner of inappropriate details. The occasional kid picture is okay but not the video from a colonoscopy!

2. The Brownnoser

This is the kind of coworker would remind a teacher about a homework assignment. The Brownnose means well but when they are constantly volunteering to stay late or complimenting the boss it just grates on the nerves. Especially when you feel you have to catch up and do the same.

3. The Jokester

This is the coworker who is always quick with the quip or joke. They might even be the one behind all the great office pranks. The Jokester is a fun coworker up to a point. It’s when they start shirking their responsibilities because of all the joke telling and prank playing that it becomes a problem.

4. The Cliff Clavin

Like the popular postman on Cheers, this is the office know-it-all who always seems to have something to say about everything. This coworker might be great for trivia night but the endless stream of useless information during work hours can be a real drain.

5. The Dark Cloud

We all have the occasional bad days. However, The Dark Cloud is always having something going wrong. This is the person who will complain about anything. If it is a free lunch, then the food will be lousy. It is always either too hot or too cold around the cubicles. Don’t get them started on the coffee!

6. The Mooch

The Mooch is that coworker who is constantly borrowing something. It could be a pen today and twenty bucks tomorrow. The Mooch will also ask for a lot of help with their own work. Before long, you could be finishing their projects for them.

7. The Weirdo

Okay, it might not be nice to label a coworker as a weirdo but every office has one, right? This is the person with the bizarre hobby or collection. It could be someone who keeps their coat on all the time or just sits staring off into the lights.

Which are your coworkers?