7. ABC Islands

These Caribbean islands are the perfect trio which each of them offering unique tourist attractions. The Caribbean island of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao are the three western-most islands off the coast of Venezuela. They have shared Dutch colonial history and West Indian heritage. These islands are a coveted playground for snowbirds, sun seekers, avid windsurfers, and scuba divers. Aruba is the first of these islands and contains the most Western feel. It contains golf courses, malls, casinos, and international restaurants in the capital. It’s the most popular of the three islands for tourism. If you were to visit only one of the islands, Aruba is a no-brainer.

Bonaire is the most isolated island as it’s only able to be reached by plane. In contrast, the other two islands are reachable by ferry. The island is surrounded by staggeringly diverse coral reefs that are protected by a national park. For all the nature buffs, this is the island for you. It is the most untouched of the three islands making it a great location to scout some natural wonders. This island is the least congested with tourism, making it a great escape for those wanting to unwind without the added stress of being surrounded by hundreds of tourists. Did we mention that this island runs on US currency? This makes paying for goods that much easier.

The final of three islands is Curacao. This island contains the largest population along with the highest standards of living among the three islands. This island contains some unique sightseeing events like the oldest synagogue in use in the Western Hemisphere. Curacao is home to some of the most beautiful beaches which are known for sunbathing and snorkeling. A unique feature about Curacao is that it contains a Unesco World Heritage Site. Visit Curacao if you want to witness some historic architecture.