Avoid Eye Strain At The Office With These Tips

Do you find yourself constantly rubbing your eyes throughout the day? Do your eyes get puffy? You might be suffering from eye strain. The direct cause of that strain can be the constant exposure to your computer screens. Staring at a computer for long stretches of time can lead to eye strain. The same can be said for your Smartphones and pads. There are a few things you can do to prevent that strain.

Get Your Eyes Checked

While it is true that your computer screens can be the major cause of eye strain, there might be an underlying issue that has to be dealt with. You might discover that after years of going without eyeglass you need glasses. It might only be reading glasses but those can make a huge impact with reducing your eye strain. The only way to find out if those glasses can help can be an eye exam. Those exams should become an annual habit along with your physicals and teeth cleaning.

Apply the 20/20/20 Rule

Yes, we take breaks during the day but we can also fall down the “rabbit hole” of work that will still have us staring too long at the computer. This is where the 20/20/20 rule comes into play. Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and start at something that is 20 feet away. This will work your eye muscles a bit and help them clear out the strain. You can spare 20 seconds for less strain, right?

Switch Computer Screens

The older your computer screen, the more potentially harmful it can be. Newer monitors are designed to emit less “blue light.” No, it’s not actually a blue light that you’re staring at but blue light rights. You might not be able to detect them but your eyes can and that is what can cause harm. If you don’t want to switch monitors, then consider adding a filter screen to the display.

Adjust Your Office Light

It is not just the light from your computer screens that can cause eye strain but the surrounding light, too. Too much light can cause a glare on your screen that can trigger those eye strain symptoms. Not enough light can also cause troubles. That means no working in the dark! You should strive for even lighting that isn’t harsh.

Remember, the goal is to prevent eye strain. Any measures you take are going to support that goal and help keep your eyes healthy for a long time.