Avoid These Mistakes With Your Pets On Moving Day

Moving to a new home or apartment is the beginning of the next exciting chapter of your life. For many folks, that life involves pets. Just as moving can be stressful for you, it can be equally challenging for your pets. They’re not going to understand the upheaval and all those new smells. That is why you want to make sure you make a smooth transition for them. That in turn will make it smooth for you, too. In order to make that happen, you’ll want to avoid these moving day mistakes:

Keeping Your Pet with You on Moving Day

No matter how much you have planned in advance, moving day is going to be hectic bordering on chaotic. Having a pet that you’re trying to contain and keep calm is going to add to the chaos. That is why you should consider having that pet board for the day or even overnight. If you have a friend that they can stay with, then even better. It might help you to board them for a few days until you get unpacked and settled. They’re sure to have plenty of fun playing with other pups while you’re moving!

Washing Their Things

Everyone wants to move into a clean house. That is, everyone except your pets. The notion of wanting to washing their bedding and toys for a “fresh start” is misplaced. Those items will have some lingering scents that will remind your dog of the old home. That can reduce their stress levels. It might also help to pack up their things last.

Not Watching Them in the New Place

Even though your pets will be with you in the new home, it might not feel like the old place. They might have an instinct to “escape” and go back home. They could also just want to explore the new neighborhood and make their territory. That means you have to pay attention to the new environment. Even with a fence around the yard, there might be some escape routes that you haven’t thought about.

It also helps to introduce them to the new neighborhood slowly. Keep your walks confined to one or two blocks at first. You should also introduce your pets and yourself to the new neighbor. There might be some new barking that you all have to be aware of.

Changing Too Much

You want to try to arrange your pet’s beds, crates and toys as close to the old setup as possible. This is especially true with cats who are extremely territorial. They might benefit from having all their beds and toys confined to one new room until they get comfortable exploring. If you had dog bed next to the sofa in the old house, then that is where it should go in the new house. They’ll figure things out soon enough.

Changing Routines

Dogs and cats are used to order. That means feeding and walks at the same time. If you can maintain those same routines in the new place, then they will fall into sync a lot quicker. If they are used to getting up for a walk at 6 a.m., then that is why they’re going to expect at the new place.
Once you settle in, your pets should settle in along with you. Being away of their potential stress triggers and nipping them in the bud can go a long way towards having them acclimate sooner.