How To Fight The Common Cold This Season

Let us stipulate that during cold season, you are washing your hands frequently, staying warm and taking your vitamins. Still, those nasty cold bugs have a way of breaking through your defenses. By the time you start sniffling and sneezing it might be too late; you have a cold. How you treat that cold will determine whether it will knock you out or you get to knock it out.

Here’s what you can do to beat back that cold.

Go to Bed

At the first sign of a cold, you need to start slowing things down. That means resting. No trips to the grocery store or gym. If you can ask someone else to do the pickups required for the family, then do so. Resting during the day helps. Getting a good night’s sleep is even better. Just because you put yourself in bed doesn’t mean you should stay up all night watching Netflix. If your sinus problems are keeping you up, then try sleeping with an extra pillow and a humidifier.

Drink a lot of Fluids

Doctors will tell you to drink plenty of fluids when you are sick. Why is that important? Those fluids break up the mucus and congestion. Plus, if you are dehydrated, then you might start to get headaches and weaken your immune system. As for what you should be drinking, stick with water, juice and decaffeinated teas. In fact, a warm tea or broth is a very good option for breaking up that mucus. You should avoid sodas, coffee and alcohol for the duration of your cold.

Do a Salt Water Gargle

One-half teaspoon of salt stirred into warm water until it dissolves. Then gargle with that a few times a day. That can sooth your throat even when you’re not swallowing it.

Take a Spoonful of Honey

Honey goes a long way to soothe your achy throat and suppress your coughing. It might help at bedtime to get you to sleep more soundly. You can also reap the benefits by stirring it into hot tea or lemon water.

Hit the Showers

The steam from a hot shower can moisten your scratchy throat. It can also help loosen up your congestion. Plus, if you are experiencing achy muscles, then the hot water can help with them, too. You’ll also feel better especially if you’ve been curled up in bed for a few days.

Eat Chicken Soup

Yes, chicken soup really is good for fighting the common cold. It can reduce inflammation and ease your stuffiness. It also has enough calories to give your body energy and fortification to keep beating back those virus bugs.