Best Approach for Spring-Cleaning

Although the first day of spring isn’t until March 20th, it’s never too early to get the big cleaning done. The idea behind spring cleaning is that in the spring you can open up the windows to bring in the fresh air. Does that mean everything has to stay dirty until then? Spring cleaning has come to mean a thorough cleaning from top to bottom and that is something you can do this weekend. You’ll feel a lot better when the job gets done and these spring-cleaning tips can help:

Bins All Around

The first thing that needs to happen for spring-cleaning is to pick up the obvious clutter. This would be the stuff you can clearly see scattered throughout the house. You can hand out container bins to every member of the household and let them fill up those bins with their clutter. Then it can be properly stored. If that doesn’t work, then you should fill up the bins yourself and give everyone 24 hours notice. If they don’t remove their objects from the bins, then it goes in the trash. Watch how they spring into action.

Room by Room

It will help to take a room-by-room approach with your cleaning. In other words, do everything you have to do to get a single room clean before moving onto the next. You shouldn’t dust the whole house and then circle back and vacuum the whole house. Plus, if you go room-by-room, then you can break up the task over the course of a few days. There is no rule stating you must complete your spring-cleaning in a single afternoon.

Start at the Top

No matter what room you’re in, always work from the top down. This means the top of shelves, curtain rods and window treatments. That way, any dust or grime that falls to the floor can be take care of when you get to the floors.

Bucket Up Your Supplies

Before you head to your first room, you’ll want to fill up a bucket or carry bin with your cleaning supplies. The goal is not to backtrack for a rag or dust cleaner. Carry everything with you. Much more efficient.

Rock Out

Studies have shown that when working out in the gym, listening to music increases your productivity. The same can be applied to spring cleaning. It will help to provide a soundtrack for your cleaning. Whatever music that gets you energized can be used to keep the work humming along figuratively and literally.