Costly Divorce Court Mistakes

Sometimes a marriage becomes broken beyond repair. When that happens the remedy is a divorce wherein the couple essentially “packs up” and goes their separate ways. Before that can happen, the divorce has to be approved by the court. After all, the marriage was “approved” by the court with the issuing of a marriage license. That court approval can either be mutually agreed upon terms or leaving it up to the court to decide. As with any kind of court proceedings, how you “show up” can have a great impact on the outcome. If you want to come out ahead or at least even in you divorce court proceedings, then be sure to avoid these mistakes:

Representing Yourself

Do you know what the first thing a lawyer does when he files for divorce? Hires another lawyer. In a divorce, an experienced lawyer will not only know the system but they’re also know the judges and the other lawyers. This is important for when it come to “reading the room” not to mention all the fine print in a final divorce filing.

Not Having Paperwork

A lawyer is going to make sure you have all the supporting information need to support your claims. The most important of this are any financial records that will demonstrate your ability to make child support and alimony payments. Without that documentation, you won’t prevail.

Not Discussing Matters With Your Lawyer

Just because you hire an experienced lawyer doesn’t mean they’re going to do everything on their own. You will be asked a lot of questions by the judge and you need to be prepared. If you avoid “practicing” with your lawyer before the proceedings, then you’re going to be at a huge disadvantage.

Dressing Inappropriately

Courts are steeped in precedent and traditions. A lot of that is tied into appearances. You don’t want to show up for your divorce proceedings looking like a “hot mess.” This is especially vital for hearings involving child custody. If you can’t look presentable for a court appearance, then the judge will question just how much you care about what is going on.

Having Over Reaching Demands

When celebrities are involved with a divorce, the newspapers are splashed with reports on what seem to be outrageous monthly support payments. That might have you thinking you can overreach for your request for payments. Realistically, you probably have a good idea what your spouse is able to provide. You also have to realize they’ll be setting up their own home, too. There is no need to ask for $2,000 when you only need $1,000.

Not Turning Off Your Cell

Judges don’t like to be interrupted. That goes for when they are speaking. It also goes for the kind of interruption that comes from a cell phone going off. That kind of thing can bring proceedings to a screeching halt. That’s not good on any level.