When to Buy Big Ticket Items To Save Big Bucks

What’s the biggest thing you’re planning on buying in the coming year? A brand new car? A firm mattress to replace your lumpy one? An updated computer with all the bells and whistles? Before you head out to the store of your choice, wait! If you can put off that purchase for a couple of months, you might just be able to score a terrific deal with huge savings. Yes, there are certain times of the year that are better than other times for buying certain items. If you wait, then you can save up even more money for your purchase. Plus, these are the times to put your newly developed haggling skills to work. You might be surprised with what you’ll be able to save.

A New Car

The best time to buy a new car is in the late summer and early fall. At least, that has been the traditional time when automakers begin to roll out their new models. Because of that, dealers are anxious to get rid of their inventory and they’ll be looking for a deal. Although you might be tempted to go for the newer model, last year’s model would have very little difference. If you know the type of car you want, find out when next year’s models will be available. Some automakers might sneak them out in the spring. Either way, you’ll get a good deal in this year’s model!

A New Mattress

For some reason, mattress dealers have embraced the holiday weekends for their big sales. This means Memorial Day, Labor Day, Presidents Day and 4th of July. Many of the furniture dealers have followed suit. If your mattress is at least eight years old, then you definitely should replace it. Just hold out until the next holiday for a better deal.

A New Television

Black Friday, right? While it is true that Black Friday can land you an amazing deal on a television, you still have to fight through the crowds. A better time to score a deal is in late January/early February. Why? The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is held at the beginning of the year. This is when the TV makers roll out their new models. Like the auto dealerships, the TV stores need to clear the floor of the old inventory. That is the best time to play let’s make a deal!

A New Computer

Best time to snag a new computer is during the back-to-school season of August and September. Pay attention to the circulars from places like Best Buy and even Costco. You might even beat a Black Friday deal if you buy sooner!

The Day After

Of course, there is a perfect time to buy certain items at up to 50% off. No, not a car but candy and holiday decorations. The day after Christmas, Halloween, Easter and Valentine’s Day is when you’ll find sweet bargains on the holiday themed stuff. Great way to stock up for next year except for the candy. That must be consumed ASAP. Can you wait to buy your next big thing?