What Can You Haggle On To Save Money?

Haggling is a way for you to negotiate a better price on just about anything. So what if there is a sticker price? That’s for lazy shoppers. The best way for you to put more money in your wallet is to haggle. The one time everybody haggles is when they go shopping for a new car. Unfortunately, many of these haggles end up costing you more. That’s because shady car dealer love to make it look like you’ve got them over a barrel with your negotiating skills but then they’ll turn around and slap more silly charges onto the final price. Undercoating anyone? Maybe if you practice haggling on these items you can be ready for the big car show. Start your savings now!


Let’s assume you’re a great renter. Your landlord would much rather you stay with the apartment then take a risk with someone else. The best time to haggle for a rent change is when you go to sign a second-year lease. Even knocking off $25 will put $300 back in your wallet.

Gym Membership

As with most haggling, your greatest power is your ability to walk away. If you find a gym you like but the membership is too high, let them know. If they don’t budge, start walking. They’ll change their turn. Try to get them to waive the upfront fees and go right to a monthly charge.


That “walk away” power also works great with your cable and internet provider. There are many great deals out there to be had. Write them down and then call up your current provider. Ask them to match the deal or you walk. They’ll make a deal.

Credit Card Costs

Here is where your good credit history can come in handy. Suppose you get an offer of a 0% balance-transfer fee on a new credit card? Maybe you should take that. Or ask your current credit card company to work with on your fees. A threat of transferring your entire amount will put them on notice.


Planning a vacation? Then you definitely want to haggle. A quick survey of travel websites will show there are a lot of rate variables. Instead of going through those sites, go directly to the hotel and ask for a little help with the rate or maybe an upgrade to a suite for no extra charge.


Yes, you can score a deal on a diamond ring or necklace if you know where to shop. Avoid the big chain stores. Instead, go for the smaller mom and pop establishments. Their rings are just as good and they will be more willing to give you a break on the price.

Special Event Vendors

Planning a wedding? Throwing a big party? Start haggling. Your caterers, photographs, venues and even limo drivers could all be flexible on their rates. Don’t ever settle for the quoted price. Remember, they need your business more than you need to hire them.

Big appliances

Stoves, fridges, washing machines, dryers: They’re all floor models at one point. The most wear on a floor model is the opening and closing of the door. No problem there. However, you can land a great deal if you take home that floor model especially when it’s clearance time.

What’s the most you’ve ever saved with haggling?