Don’t Let Bad Cruise Ship Neighbors Ruin your Vacation?

Often when you move into a new home or apartment, you don’t have a chance to check out the neighbors. Yes, you might meet them when you’re looking over the place and they could seem very friendly. That doesn’t mean they will stay friendly or even quiet. When it comes to neighbors, moving anywhere is a gamble. You just don’t know who you’re going to be living next to until you get settled in. To some extent, the same thing happens on a cruise ship. Everyone is in a good mood and are happy to exchange greetings but once the suitcases are unpacked, anything can happen. The hope is that your cruise ship neighbor won’t ruin your vacation.

If problems arise, then here are some ways to handle them:

They’re Too Loud

Many cruise cabin walls are notorious for being “thin.” That allows sound to seep through especially if there is a connecting door between cabins. Your cabin neighbors might be playing their TV or music too loud. They could also have kids who are clearly having a great time. If the loud noise becomes bothersome, then you can ask the cabin steward to address the issue. If the noise persists, then you can ask to move to another cabin. Who knows? You might even get an upgrade!

They’re Smoking

The majority of cruise lines are no-smoking. That includes smoking on the balcony. Nothing is worse than having those fumes waft into your cabin. Because this is actually a safety violation, you can report the incident of a neighbor smoking to security. A stern warning will be issued and that usually stops the problem. If it persists, then you might want to snap a few photos of “evidence” such as cigarette butts on the balcony or the smoke drifting over. You don’t need to stick a camera in someone’s face but just know that they are going against the regulations and will be stopped.

They’re Fighting

Instead of leaving their troubles behind, some couples bring their problems with them on the cruise vacation. A few too many cocktails could trigger those problems and set off a spat. When it is clear that a fight is getting loud and threatening, then you should call security immediately. They’ll respond quickly and should be able to diffuse the situation.

They Left Food in the Hall

Frequent travelers might be used to leaving their room service food trays in the hall. That is not the custom on a cruise ship. Your neighbors should be given the benefit of the doubt on this one. The quick solution is to call housekeeping. They’ll spring into action fast.

It might also help to introduce yourself to your neighbors at the start of the cruise. Welcome them aboard and wish them a fun trip. It is what everyone should have!