One-Minute Cleaning Hacks

Wouldn’t it be great if you could clean your entire home in just one minute? That’s the kind of Aladdin’s genie action that everyone can use. Although it will take you longer than a minute to get things cleaned, there are some hacks you can utilize which will minimize the amount of cleaning you actually have to do.

These are the one-minute hacks that can transform your cleaning routines.

Have a Place for Everything

A good portion of what we clean up from around the house are things that belong in the house. They just don’t belong on the floor or table. If there is a designated spot for every item that is kept in the house, then those items need to be used by the whole family. Yes, coat hooks and bins for shoe count!

Use Cloud Storage

How much of your paperwork can you put on the cloud? That is the online storage realm that can hold a lot of work from the office. You can also go paperless with all your bank statements and other bills. You’re probably paying them online, so why not get the bills online? By putting all that paperwork on the cloud, you’ll be reducing the amount of paper clutter that pops up in your home.

Open Boxes by the Recycling Bin

We’re all getting used to ordering online for everything from groceries to replaceable toothbrush heads. Online shopping is making our lives more efficient. With that shopping comes a lot of boxes and packing materials. All of that is recyclable. That’s why you should open up boxes by your recycling bin. Take out the delivery, and immediately put everything else into the bin. Fast clean.

Add a Hamper to the Bathroom

Every bedroom in your house should have a hamper for dirty clothes. There should also be a hamper in the bathroom for more clothes and towels. That will keep a lot of loose items from being scattered throughout the house.

Wipe Down as You Go

Try to keep a dry microfiber cloth handy in the bathroom. When you’re done with a shower, use that cloth for a minute to wipe down the shower walls. That will prevent soap scum buildups. While you’re brushing your teeth, you can use another cloth to clean the mirror over the sink. Then toss the cloths right into your hamper (see above!).

Fill Up the Kitchen Sink

As you’re cooking dinner, fill up your kitchen sink with warm water and a little soap. Then start dropping in utensils, pots, pans, and dishes. That will give them the pre-soak needed to make washing easy. It will also cut down on the pre-washing for loading the dishwasher.
Little cleaning steps like this go a long way to keeping the home clutter-free and sparkling.