Easy Decoration Ideas For The Holidays

photo by Aaron Burden on unsplash

In every home that celebrates Christmas, there is at least one large plastic bin stuffed with decorations. There can also be assorted bags, boxes and other storage containers holding even more decorations. Like holiday traditions, how you decorate your home for Christmas follows the same pattern. The fun comes when you add new pieces and keepsakes to the festivities. The smart move is always to buy decorations the day after Christmas when they are on sale. That way you can bring them out next Christmas.

Here are some easy decorating ideas to make everything merry and bright around your house:

Citrus Wreath

You can make your own holiday wreath staring with a florist’s foam circle (available at any craft store). For decorations, use a mixture of citrus fruits like organs, kumquats, clementines and limes. They can easily get attached to the foam with florist’s picks. Add in some greenery and a red ribbon and you’re good to go!

Put Ornaments on Display

You might fill up your Christmas tree with ornaments but there are other ways to put those ornaments to use. The round ones work best. You can group them in a mix of sizes and colors. How can you group them? In all kinds of ways. A cake stands with a nest of evergreen makes a terrific centerpiece for your holiday table. You can also fill up glass vases and group them together for a nice table display. Ornaments can also be around windows.

Bring Greenery Inside

Wherever you buy your Christmas tree from you are sure to get strands of greenery. The obvious choice for these greens would be around your mantle place. But they can also be hung around door frames throughout the home. The greenery can also be a kind of “runner” for your holiday tables. That’s a great choice if you’re setting up a buffet for a party.

Hang Silver Bells

A strand of silver bells hung on your front door knob with a red bow is a cheerful way to open the door during the holidays. And we all know what happens every time a bell rings!

Hang the Christmas Cards

Every Christmas card that comes into your home should be put on display. You can string them up with red or green yarn from an archway. You could also find a blank spot on the way and hang them in the form of a Christmas tree. There is a lot of great artwork on those cards that will always put you in the holiday spirit.