Tips On Staying Healthy During The Holidays

photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash

Have you gotten your flu shot? You might ask that question of anyone you work with or are planning on spending time with. If you get a “yes,” then you minimize your chances of catching the flu. Nobody wants that as a holiday “gift.” Getting a flu vaccination is just one of a long list of proactive measures you should take to stay healthy.

Here’s what you need to do:

Wipe Away the Germs

You should never leave home without a pact of disinfecting wipes. This is especially true for traveling. Before you settle into any seat on a plane, train, bus or subway you should give it a quick wipe down. At the place where you work, it’s not a bad idea to wipe down the elevator bottoms and any phones or keyboards you might share.

Drink Lots of Water

Staying hydrated is important when flying. The high altitudes can dry out the air in your cabin and that can make your immune system vulnerable to bacteria. If you can drink 8 ounces of water every hour of a flight, then you’ll be ahead of the game. That approach can also apply when you’re just getting through your day. And if you’re going to a party where there will be cocktails, then drinking a glass of water with every cocktail can keep the hangovers away.

Treat Yourself to a Massage

Self-care is vital for your holiday health. Scheduling a massage should be a priority. Not only will it help reduce your stress levels but it can also boost your white blood cells. Those are the cells you want on the front line of protecting your body from germs.

Enjoy in Moderation

The holidays can be an endless stream of tasty treats starting with all those delightful baked cookies. This is not the time to overindulge. That rule goes for those desserts and for the adult beverages. When you go out for a party, think moderation. Avoid going out on an empty stomach.

Rest Up

There will certainly be a lot of “running around” during the holidays. Even though you have a lot to get done and you’re on a deadline, you should also schedule down time. You don’t have to attend every holiday party. A night of rest and early to bed is a great way to give your body a chance to “refresh.” This is really important if you do feel a cold coming on. You can beat it back with rest and plenty of fluids.

Staying healthy for the holidays is the best gift you can give yourself.