Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

photo by Samuel Holt on Unsplash

Forget the “naught or nice” list. Most holiday shopping falls into two categories: Folks who are easy to buy for and folks who are a challenge. There are probably a bunch of people on your shopping list who would appreciate practical gifts like clothing, tools or other things they might have “dropped hints” about. Then there are those who say that they don’t want anything. Those are the folks you really have to think about.

Here then are some unique holiday gift ideas that are sure to generate a lot of smiles:

National Park Annual Pass

There are National Parks in every state across the country. A small fee is required for entry into the parks. That is where the annual pass comes into play. The US parks department sells these passes that let you get into any national park for a year. This is a gift that works best for someone you know is going to be doing a lot of traveling. If they own an RV, then this is the pass for them!

Ancestry Test

A lot of companies have gotten into the “Where do you come from” game. With a simple DNA swab, they can tell you where your family was from. There are also a wide range of potential health issues that can also crop up with these tests. It doesn’t mean you have those issues but just that you might be genetically predisposed to them. This might be one of those gifts that you buy for someone special and for yourself.

Of The Month Club

Do you know someone who likes wine? What about cheese? Fruit? No matter their taste, there is probably a subscription service that will send a monthly “surprise” package of goodies to the recipient. Many of these companies provide the option to customize the monthly delivery. You can also subscribe for just a few months versus the entire year. There are also monthly subscriptions for kids, too!

Cleaning Service

This is one of those practical gifts that can really be appreciated. You can set up a cleaning service for a friend or family member. That will provide them with a much-needed break and a clean house. Win/win!

Baked Goods

Do you have a reputation for a particular dessert that you make for special occasions? The holidays are a perfect time to whip up a batch of that treat and give as gifts. You can find decorative tins for the gift for an extra special touch. This is a wonderful kind of gift to share because they’ll know you made it with love!