Four Ways To Beat The Odds In A Casino

How often have you dreamed of hitting it big in Vegas? Actually, you don’t even have to limit yourself to Sin City. You could dream of being a winner at any casino. Just imagine rolling the dice or hitting a blackjack and have stacks of chips pushed your way. Nice dream. The harsh reality is that for the vast majority of players, the house always wins. Still, if you’re planning a trip to a city or cruise line that offers gambling, then you might want to bolster your chances at success by embracing these tips for beating the odds.

Tip #1: Play Poker

When you play poker, you’re not playing against the house. You’re playing against other players. Sure, you can still lose, but at least you’ll have more of a fighting chance. If you’ve never played poker in a casino before, then head to the tables with low minimum bets, just to get your feet wet. Before you show up, make sure to practice with some free poker apps or online games. Free being the operative word here.

Tip #2: Avoid The Nickel Slots

Yes, it seems like your money goes farther with the nickel slot machines, but they aren’t rigged to pay out as frequently as the higher denomination machines. Those machines give you a slightly better edge. Slightly.

Tip #3: Stay Away From Roulette

If you’ve got chips in your hand and walk past a roulette table, then the temptation will be there to place a bet. Avoid that temptation. A game like roulette heavily favors the house. Yes, there will be the occasional winner who earns that amazing 35-to-1 payout when their number comes up. However, those wins are few and far between.

Tip #4: Play Blackjack

Although it would seem as though you are playing directly against the house (you are) your odds of winning at blackjack are probably the highest of all the games in a casino. Take note that this doesn’t mean you can just sit around and “stand” at seventeen or “hit” with a ten. You need to study the game. There are some proven winning strategies like doubling down on 11 or splitting sevens. If none of that makes sense, then you’ve got to get practicing, and yes, there’s an app for that, too!

Those are the tips for actual gambling play. However, you also need to adjust your gambling attitude. For instance, it would help if you set a budget for your gambling. Decide on an amount of money you can afford to lose and then only play with that. Leave your ATM card back in the room!

Finally, Kenny Rogers had it right when he said you’ve got to know when to fold and when to walk away. If you come out a winner, then don’t chase the win. Walk away with your winnings especially if the table starts to turn on you (which it will). Wouldn’t you like to tell the story of, “I won five hundred dollars” versus “I won five hundred dollars and then lost it all?” What is your casino game of choice?