Why People Who Love to Learn are Completely Obsessed with Online Educational Websites

Want To Be Smarter?

There are two different types of smart people out there – those who are book smart and those who are intellectually curious.

Are You Book Smart or Intellectually Curious?

Book smart individuals consume knowledge by memorizing written educational information. They tend to know in depth facts about things that are notable or interesting, like influential people or important political events. They can, for instance, recite excerpts from a history book.

Intellectually curious people consume knowledge with a constantly curious spirit. Like a naturally curious child, they constantly seek to answer the question of why – Why did this historical event take place? Why do certain social societies have less violent crime? Why do people find it impossible to solve the Rubik’s cube? Which type of smart person do you aspire to be?

An Ivy League Quality Education Without the Ivy League Cost

Millions of Americans with a desire to learn more have taken advantage of the various educational web sites. These educational websites offer a broad range of courses and lets you learn about all the things you’re interested in, and you can stream at home or on the go.

Traveling cross town or commute to work?  Then this is the perfect opportunity to expand your educational horizons.

You can also mix and match from a wide variety of courses about science, travel, historyphotography, fine arts, music, religion, economics, and business.  You can forward your education and learn just about anything your heart desires.

Why Doing This Will Make People Think You’re Smarter

With thousands of lectures available, you are guaranteed to find a course you’ll love and map an educational route of your choice.  Plus, most of the courses are broken down into a series of lectures of approximately a half-hour each.

Just think about it… in less than a month you can finish a world class college course all from the comfort of your car!

But More Importantly… 

You will expand your knowledge and be able to choose to learn from a number of topics you’re interested in – not because they are required.  The old saying about education holds true… “Go Where Curiosity Lives and Wonders Never Cease” can be yours starting today.