Fun Facts About April

Photo by Evgeny Lazarenko on Unsplash

As the song goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” But there is a lot more going on in April and it’s not all about tax day on the 15th. If you were born in April, then that makes you an Aries (at least up to April 20th). It is also the fourth month of the year, the second month of spring and it has 30 days.

What else do you need to know about April? A lot:

The Holidays

April gets started on the first with April Fools’ Day. This is the traditional day when you’re excused for any prank or bad rumor circulated across the Internet. Just say, “April Fools’ Day” and all is forgiven.

April also has the distinct honor of being the month of Easter. This is one of the holiest days on the calendar for all Christian religions. Like Christmas, Easter is a time for family gatherings and special dinners.

It is also a time for a lot of chocolate. During the season of Lent that precedes Easter, many folks give up chocolate. That is why Easter baskets are always full of chocolaty goodness on Easter morning.

April also is the month for Earth Day and Arbor Day. There will be a lot of planting on those days. April has also been designated as National Poetry Month. Can you recite any poems by heart?

April Symbols

As mentioned, the start of April is the Aries zodiac sign. That is followed by Taurus. If you were born in April, then your birthstone is the diamond. Not too shabby! The daisy is the flower of the month.

April History

Back in the day, April was actually the second month on the calendar. Around 700 BC, the calendar makers decided to squeeze in January and February as the kick-off months for a new year.

The word April is derived from the Latin word meaning “to open.” That is tied to the trees and flowers “opening” in spring. In Ancient Rome, the month of April was dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love.

April Birthdays

April is also the month were a lot of famous folks get celebrated for their birthdays. Here are a few figures who share April as their birth month:

Debbie Reynolds
• Ali MacGraw
• Hans Christian Anderson
• Buddy Ebsen
• Sir Alec Guinness
• Jack Webb
• Marvin Gaye
• Dana Carvey
• Marlon Brando
• Doris Day
• Alec Baldwin
• Muddy Waters
• Better Davis
• Gregory Peck
• Bill Dee Williams
• Francis Ford Coppola

Now you know all there is to know about April. Time to pick some daisies!