Great Side Hustles You Can Start From Your Sofa

Photo by Ruthson Zimmerman on Unsplash

If only we could get paid for binge-watching TV. None of us would need a stimulus check!

Actually, there are some ways that you can make money from sitting on your sofa. You’ll need a laptop, a good Wi-Fi connection, and some skills.

These are the side hustles you can start from your sofa today:

Sell What You Know

Have you ever been told by a friend, “Wow, that is some good advice?” It could be that you know some helpful information. It might be how to impress someone on a date or saving on grocery bills with a coupon.

Whatever your “wheelhouse” is, you can gather up that information into a product and sell it online. That product could be anything from an eBook to a subscription-based newsletter. Of course, you have to set up a website and do some marketing. And those can also be done on your sofa! 

Become a Virtual Assistant

There are a lot of executives or business owners who need help. That help doesn’t have to be at a desk outside of an office. A virtual assistant can handle research, make appointments, field calls, proofread and write content.

All of that can happen remotely. You could set up your Virtual Assistant business as an hourly or weekly service. When you take on too many clients than you can handle, farm out the work to your friends. Now, you’re running a business.  

Start a Review Website

There are plenty of movie review websites out there that experience high-traffic. That concept can be applied to a lot of other items that folks would like information on.

Pick a topic like kitchen gadgets, make-up or anything else that you can “dive into” and start writing reviews. Those reviews can be linked to affiliate websites that offer the product for sale.

Anytime someone clicks through, you can earn. This might take a while to get up and running but once it does, you can generate a lot of content to pull in visitors. You might even be able to land some advertisers. Google “reviews” and you’ll find plenty of examples of this type of endeavor.

Become a Proofreader

Do you find yourself correcting grammar and spelling online? That could be the foundation for proofreading skills that you can turn into a hustle. Again, you’ll have to put yourself out there online to pull in the business but there are going to be a lot of novels, screenplays and other written material generated because of the sheltering.

You can also proof business plans, speeches and anything else that is going in front of the public. It’s a very valuable skill.


Are you fluent in a second language? That is a highly marketable skill that can be used as a translator. You can sign up on a freelancing platform that looks for translators or start your own.

In fact, do both! You can translate written documents as well as conversations. Think of how many folks are going on Zoom or Skype that could benefit from translation.