What The Future Holds For Transportation

In 1968, Stanley Kubrick came out with the sci-fi classic 2001: A Space Odyssey. It must have been a very thrilling event to sit in that 1968 movie theater and see a glimpse of a future that was only 30 years away. Well, 2001 came around and, boy, did we get gypped. Want to know how you define the future? Two words: Robots and flying cars. The Jetsons had both, and they were totally in the future. While we’re making strides in robots, we’re light years away from flying cars. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some exciting mobile inventions heading our way. We just have to be patient. Who am I kidding? I want a flying car, and I want it now! While I wait, here is what is on the drawing board for getting around in the future.


Many countries are making the push to outlaw gas-fueled cars. That would mean the roads will be filled with electric cars. That’s good news for the environment and the development of e-cars. The more companies that get into this line of work, the cheaper the cars will become. Do you think the US would ever outlaw gas guzzlers? Not likely.

Driverless Cars

When you hear the word Google, do you think, “Autonomous driving?” You should. Google led the charge in the development of autonomous vehicles. These are robot cars, and they’re totally cool. These specially equipped cars can look for exit ramps, stop at an address, change speeds, and brake for idiot drivers. Not several other manufacturers are getting into the driveless game, too. No one has yet answered the question: Who do you sue if you get into an accident without a driver?


This is totally a sci-fi kind of a thing. The Hyperloop train will float on airless tubes hitting speeds of 800 mph. That means LA to San Francisco in 30 minutes. This is the scheme of Elon Musk who has already developed a viable and operating private space company. This guy knows what he’s doing which means a Hyperloop could be coming our way soon.

Maglev Trains

Magnetic levitation propels a train at speeds of 310 miles per hour. Sounds like a fantasy? These trains are already in use in Shanghai and Japan with South Korea building their maglev rail line. How come they get all the cool stuff?

Urban Transport Pods

Pod is the operative word here. With these future vehicles, you could slip into a mobile pod and program it to where you want to go then it takes off. It’s like a personal robot taxi for one. These pods are being used in Abu Dhabi and Heathrow Airport. A city north of London is planning on bringing in a whole bunch of pods to see how they will work in a citywide experiment.

What future mode of transportation are you most excited about?