Go To The Next Happiness Level

Happy senior couple embracing eachother while at home

Everyone strives to feel happy at least part of the day. What does feeling happy really mean? It could just be a momentary “flash” as you enjoy a particular experience. There is nothing wrong with that but it is hard to sustain the happy feeling you have when eating ice cream unless you eat ice cream all the time. That probably wouldn’t make you feel very happy. Instead, consider the range of positive emotions that help you achieve your feelings of happiness. Those are the feelings you might be able to sustain and that would make you very happy. See if you can feel these positive emotions:


Joy is often triggered by an unanticipated good thing. Think of joy as the follow-up to something wonderful like a great meal at a restaurant or when you make plans to see a good friend. Joy is like a signal that everything in that moment is safe. It also should allow you to savor that moment and “lock” it into your memory. That is something you can recall.


When someone does something kind for you, you should feel grateful. That, someone, took the time to make your life a little bit better. That is a positive feeling that could inspire you to do the same. Yes, this would you “paying it forward.” That will help generate even more positive emotions.


When was the last time you give yourself a proverbial “pat on the back?” You should celebrate your accomplishments no matter how big or small they might be. Finishing a task at work on time or knocking out a great workout is something to take pride in. That feeling of pride can also motivate you to continue performing at your best in all aspects of your life.


When do you need serenity? Now! Serenity is that feeling when you are relaxed and find yourself at peace. You might need to take some proactive steps to achieve serenity. Those steps can include “shutting off” the world and putting yourself in a calm environment. Go to your happy place. Serenity will be waiting.


Amusement is a positive emotion that will be recognized by you smiling or laughing at something. This is your sense of humor and that is a sense that should always be nourished. In fact, you should seek out some amusement every day.

When you embrace all those positive emotions, you’ll be overwhelmed with happiness. That’s a good thing!