St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Recipes

As near the incredible annual international celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, there is so much we can do to put a party together. With delicious meals and cocktails and entertaining parades, there is so much to enjoy all in one lively and overwhelmingly green day. So, what about the desserts we can enjoy? What would be the best to fulfill our sweet tooth on a day that is typically filled with corned beef, cabbage, and beer? Cookies are definitely an easy option. They can be made early and in large batches for those huge meals that fill such an entertaining and festive day.

Well, it’s easy to assume that the basic cookie recipe for St. Patrick’s Day would be a shamrock-shaped sugar cookie topped with green icing. This includes both the traditional Irish symbol and color that go along with this holiday, right? But, there have to be so many more that can still work to top off the wonderful meals that fulfill such an entertaining day.

So many cookie recipes are available that offer both green dough, green icing, and still that 4-leaf clover that represents the greatest Irish symbols of Hope, Faith, Love and Luck. Some of these include the following:

  • White Chocolate St. Patrick’s Day Cookies,
  • Italian cookies for St. Patrick’s Day,
  • St. Patrick’s Day Crinkle Cookies, and (of course)
  • Shamrock Cookies.

Luckily, there are even many more dessert recipes that can help finish off any of a number of St. Patrick’s Day meals. Some of these include Mint Chocolate Pudding Cookies, Pistachio Cream Pie, Mint Oreo Balls, Chewy Pistachio Cookies, Best Mint Brownies, Chocolate Pistachio Pinwheel Cookies, Mint Cookie Fudge Cups, and so many more. You may notice that these all have the sense of a combination of a green flavor with the sweet taste of chocolate or another traditional dessert. They all have easy recipes available to fill up your St. Patrick’s Day party crowd very well!