Science-Backed Happy Habits

Are you feeling happy? Given the time of day, that can be easy or a challenge. Being happy can make your day go a lot smoother. It is also infectious. If you’re happy, then maybe the people you’re around can be happy, too. Just how far can you spread your happiness? Of course, not everyone can be happy all of the time. It might take a little effort. Engaging with these scientifically-backed happy habits could just be the thing to turn your day around:

Remember to Smile

A smile is a clear indication of being happy. Typically, that smile is triggered by a happy thought or when you see or hear something that makes you happy. What happens if you just randomly smile? That act releases dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. All of those elements are what generate a feeling of happiness in our emotional being. You can motivate yourself to smile by having a photo or painting above your workspace. Every time you see it, smile. Put those images up throughout the house and keep smiling.

Do a Selfless Act

A selfless act is something that you can do to improve someone else’s life. That might be a donation to a food bank or helping someone carry groceries at the grocery store. The key to a selfless act is to do it without expecting anything in return. Do the act and walk away. You’ll feel great and might inspire someone to do the same.

Connect with Someone

Social interaction for the sake of interacting can make you happier. That interaction doesn’t mean responding to a tweet. It means striking up a conversation with a stranger. Chat up the barista who is making your coffee. Check-in with someone you’re riding with on the bus or subway. A simple, “How’s it going?” is all you need to get started. You don’t have to make a new friend. Just acknowledge someone and wish them a good day.

Call a Loved One

Interacting with strangers can boost your happiness level but so can talking to a loved one. You might be fortunate to be living near most of your loved ones. That makes visiting with them easier. What about all the family and friends from out of town? A quick Facetime chat to see how they’re doing will be a smile for both of you.

Say, “Thank You”

Your mother probably taught you to always say “thank you.” Do you still say it? That should be a habit you never break. A “thank you” with a smile will always be appreciated by the recipient. That will make you feel happy as well.

Get Active

Being active isn’t just for your physical well-being but your mental well-being, too. There is a great sense of accomplishment that comes with every exercise session. You got through it. You burned some calories and you’re a little bit closer to whatever goal you set for yourself. That’s very happy.