Horror Movies to Stream This Month

Given the popularity of streaming movies today, there is a great deal to look for in the many different movie streaming applications that you have available to you. Anywhere from Netflix to Amazon Prime, Hulu, and more, there are many horror movies, both classic and contemporary, that are available this month in preparation for the Halloween season.

One of the most exciting places to enjoy the horrifying autumn season building up to Halloween at the end of October, Netflix has a portal specifically dedicated to Halloween-focused films. Some of the latest and greatest Netflix original horror films available on this streaming channel include the following:

  • There’s Someone Inside Your House –  Available October 6, this film tells the tale of a teen from Hawaii is forced to move in with her grandma in Nebraska, she never expects that trouble will follow her in the form of a mysterious murderer picking off her new classmates one by one.
  • Fever Dream – Available October 13, this film is based on a short novel that revolves around a woman who, while lying in a rural hospital bed, uncovers a shocking conspiracy.
  • The Trip – Available October 15, this Norwegian comedic horror film tells the story of a married couple who each think they can end the marriage by murdering the other. When they take a trip to a remote cabin to do the deed, they end up finding an even bigger threat awaits.
  • Night Teeth – Available October 20, this movie presents the tale of someone moonlighting as a chauffeur who realizes the women just picked up aren’t what they seem. A vampire thriller, there are a lot of familiar faces including Debby Ryan, Sydney Sweeney, Alexander Ludwig, Lucy Fry, Raúl Castillo, and Alfie Allen, among others.
  • Hypnotic – Available October 27, this psychological horror presents a woman in crisis who recruits the help of a well-known hypnotist, not realizing her sessions with the specialist will have grave results.

Even more than all of these brand new horror films that are developed freshly by the most popular streaming network, across all of those streaming channels many classics are available all month. Some classic horror films that you can look for throughout all the streaming channels include almost any that you may love, including Jaws, Misery, The Conjuring, Pet Sematary, Freddy vs. Jason, and oh so many more! If you just take a few minutes to search your favorite streaming channel you will most likely find your favorite horror movie from the past or a new one that you’ve been looking forward to seeing this year!