How To Boost Your Brain In The Morning

photo by Danielle Macinnes on Unsplash

The world really does fall into two types of people: Those who thrive in the morning and those who thrive at night. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have much choice when it comes to thriving in the morning; we have to get up and get the day started. Whether you live alone and need to head out to work or you’re corralling the family, you need to get your brain alert in the mornings. Here is how to get you working on all thrusters:

Java Jolt

Yes, coffee in the morning helps you wake up and improve your alertness. However, too much of a “good thing” can also trigger anxiety and insomnia later in the day. It might help to have that first cup and then let the day carry you through. Ideally, your caffeine cut off should come around 3 or 4 in the afternoon.

Lock Down a Sleep Schedule

Sleep consistency equals alertness in the morning. That means locking down a sleep schedule and sticking to it. Sadly, this also means waking up the same time on the weekends. That can be a good thing because you’ll get more out of your day off and you’ll still feel rested. Your sleep schedule should also include enough sleep. That 7 to an 8-hour recommendation should be embraced. Yes, we all have those consistent restless nights but if you can log in a solid eight hours each night, then you’ll have no option but to wake up alert.

Throw Open the Blinds

The first activity upon getting out of bed should be throwing open the blinds in your room. If you’re smart, then you have those heavy blackout curtains that keep the light out. That is good for sleeping. When the alarm goes off, you want to let in the light. The first response might have you cowering from the sunlight like a vampire but your brain and body will appreciate that does of light to get you going.

Turn on the Music

You should create a morning music playlist. Turning on the TV might just make you upset. Instead, play those tunes that get your feet stomping and put a smile on your face. You don’t have to play that music for the whole house. Slip in the buds and let that music play as you get ready for the day.