10 More Things To Do While Staying At Home

photo by Carl Barcelo on Unsplash

There was a time when staying at home was actually a choice. In the age of Covid-19, staying at home takes on a new connotation. What it means is that you’re actually helping your community fightback from the virus. The good news is that there is plenty to do when you’re home.

Whether you’re alone, with family or roommates these are 10 terrific things to do:

Clean Out the Closets

It is time for a little Marie Kondo action in your closets. Take out every single thing in the closet. Hold each item up and ask, “Does this spark joy?” If so, then put it back. If not, then create a donation pile. There will be a huge need for those donations.

2. Bake Stuff

You might be intimidated by baking because it is so precise. Forget that! Tie on the apron and start baking. You’ve probably got a lot of things in your pantry that can be used to bake cakes, cookies, and pies. Bonus points for anything made from scratch!

Watch Oscar Winners

The first Oscars were given out in 1929. That means there have been 90 awards given to films for the best picture of the year. You need to watch them. All. Of. Them. In order, too! When you’re done, go back and watch all the best actors, then the best actresses. You see where this is going.

Read Your Magazines

Do you have a stack of magazines that have been piling up over the last couple of months (years!)? Start a magazine hour. One hour each day, you’re just reading magazines from cover to cover. When you’re done, recycle them.

Start Yoga or Aerobics

Your yoga and aerobic instructor are waiting for you online. You can start your workouts at any time of the day or night. You also don’t have to worry about being in competition with your “class.” You can do it all on your own at your own pace. Just watch how much you’ll improve in the days to come.

Order Coloring Books

Remember the simple joy you had from coloring in a coloring book? There are actual adult coloring books available that have more intricate designs. You can also order up a fresh box of 64 Crayola Colors. It will be amazing.

Make a Plan

The stay at home order will be lifted. When it does, you should have a plan. That plan shouldn’t just be to restock the pantry. Instead, think long-range. This time at home will provide plenty of time for self-reflection. Use them to think about what you want to accomplish. We’re talking big picture plans. Go for it!

Write a Book

No, seriously, write a book. You might have an idea rumbling around that you thought would make a great book. It can be sci-fi, romance or even a children’s book. There are plenty of websites dedicated to helping you craft your story. Spend a little time writing a few pages each day. You never know what might happen.

Make Something from Pinterest

Have you seen something on Pinterest that you thought would look good in your home? Maybe it was a craft project or a decorated cake. Now is the time to give that a try. Will it become an epic fail? Maybe. If so, then post it on Pinterest. You won’t be alone!

Go Living Room Camping

The living room is a great camping destination. You’ll never be far from the snacks in the kitchen or the bathroom down the hall. All you need are some sheets, clips, pillows, and flashlights. It will be awesome… even if you don’t have kids!